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Tanushree Dutta Is Unhappy With Misinformation On Her Wikipedia Page. We’re With Her On This!

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When I was in college writing my assignments, I remember one of my teachers coming to our class and reminding us to never (if possible) take information from Wikipedia. The reason is that it can be easily manipulated and it often is. So, when Tanushree Dutta took to her Instagram to share how she is discontented with the information on her Wikipedia page, I honestly could understand. I mean, I sure don’t have a Wikipedia page but I wouldn’t want anything wrong or misinformation getting out either.

On January 16th, 2022, Tanushree Dutta took to her Instagram to write a long post about her dissatisfaction with her Wikipedia page and the fact that it describes her only as an ‘Indian Model’.

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Tanushree Dutta who is known for her bold opinions once again shared her opinion on Instagram regarding her discontentment with her Wikipedia page. She shared a picture of herself and wrote, “Hey Guys…there’s something that’s been bothering me for a while. It’s the Wikipedia profile on me. So it’s got a lot totally wrong about me and calling me just an “Indian Model” and diminishing my credentials. I tried changing but it keeps coming back to the same stuff. I’m a Miss India Universe & Bollywood actress/star so dunno why it says ‘Indian Model’” 

The 37-year-old actor-model further spoke about how it is the Wikipedia page that people first see when they Google a celebrity. It is the place people go to check out the celebrity’s work/awards and according to her, her page is all over the place. Tanushree Dutta said how after doing so much work and achieving so much, she still doesn’t have a ‘straightforward, uplifting, and accurate’ Wikipedia page.

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Tanushree Dutta said, “ Maybe the scriptures are right & my rewards & recognition are going to be in Heaven afterall. 😐👩‍🚀 Anyways I’ve renounced losing my shit with this kind of wierd stuff coz looks like I can’t do much about it! # If anyone can help pls do…btw…I think great & amazing stuff is going to happen for me in 2022…#waiting #godsplan #promises #grace #blissful #angel #ascension #peaceout✌” 

Ngl, I would be pretty upset as well if I had a Wikipedia page that was all over the place. I understand where she comes from, I mean who wouldn’t react that way.

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