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‘She-Hulk’ Showed The Real, Messy Face Of Online Dating For Women. It’s Kaafi Relatable!

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Online dating can be a very tough thing to navigate through. Every time I decide to go out on a date with someone I meet online, it’s an entirely new traumatic experience in the waiting and this week’s episode of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law supports my experience. I mean, even She-Hulk needs help with online dating. I’ve got to say, with how real and relatable this show is, I’m getting more and more addicted to it.


I mean, Jennifer walters is literally going through all the problems that we all are, while being a superhero, of course. It’s like a massive and relatable source of motivation dropping every Thursday.

Jennifer Walters Mirrors Our Online Dating Experiences

In episode 3 of She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, Jennifer Walters has decided to dip her toes in the online dating world and we all know, the fish in these waters are not the best ones. So, Jen enters the (already complicated) online dating world but things don’t come easy when you’re also She-Hulk. While Jen continues to remain lost (and matchless) in the online dating world, Nikki comes to her rescue and starts by telling Jennifer that she cannot use her corporate pic as her display picture on a dating app. Nikki also suggests that Jen try online dating as She-Hulk and when Jen continues her matchless journey on the dating site, she finally decides to take Nikki’s advice. But don’t we all know what the online dating pool is like? From getting the hard-to-swallow truth pill from our besties to being on bad dates, we’ve gone through it all, haven’t we?


Much like She-Hulk’s ill-mannered and rather creepy dates, we’ve had moments when we made some questionable choices. It would be safe to say that many of us have been out on dates with men who casually check out other women while out on a date with one and even those who can’t pay for their own drinks and let’s just not talk about the creepy ones. We totally get you, Jen. Just like us, She-Hulk too had to learn the hard way that the online dating scene is rather ugly and messy. Some would even call it disastrous (we can’t really disagree). NGL but I’ve met some truly sexist, ill-mannered men who couldn’t care less and even those who thought paying for the date meant they could have “expectations”.

She-Hulk Shows The True Face Of The Online Dating Pool

Jennifer Walters decides to start swiping as She-Hulk, the matches start to pool in as expected and the men she crosses paths with are beyond horrendous. This definitely proves the fact that the online dating pool can be very confusing and messed up and what makes it worse is the fact that you never really see it coming, you know? She-Hulk meets some very handsome men but it turns out that some of them wanted to show her off while the others just want to compete with her and over-sexualise her. Then, she decides to go out with a nice man who seems interested and alas, he turns out to be a complete weirdo who literally called her a ‘specimen’. We’ve met our share of these idiots too.

So, much like all of us who are literally on the verge of being irritated by experimenting with online dating, she was about ready to throw it all away when she meets a hot doctor who decides to really talk to her. It’s rare moments like these that kind of make the whole experience worth it for all of us, huh? And it gets better when starts having a meaningful conversation with Jennifer and they talk the night away. This created a rare moment of weakness and oh well, we know all is not what it seems but thanks to her lack of experience in online dating, Jen did not.

You know, the moments where you’re all set to throw the rule book out of the window? She does that and asks him to come back to her place for wine and well, she gets laid in the hottest way possible. But she wakes up to disappointment as usual. When the hot doctor wakes up the next morning and finds Jennifer as herself and not as She-Hulk, he decides to walk out. I’m not surprised that he wanted nothing to do with the real Jennifer. Plus, we all know men who’re only on dating apps for hook up and once they get what they want, they’re out of the door before you can even blink an eyelid. This is one of the worst categories of fake people that we know we might cross paths with in the world of online dating.

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Guess, we’re not alone in this. I mean if She-Hulk also has to struggle with online dating, what do we normal women do? But what’s more interesting is the fact that Jennifer and She-Hulk show the genuine face of the online dating scene and the painful experience of having to go through the same, is amazing. This is so very relatable for all of us and perfectly fits the vibe that the show is going for, I’m absolutely in love with how real this show is. Gotta love that, huh?

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