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5 Fashion Resolutions We Are Swearing By In 2021 And Why You Need To Add These To Your New Year’s Resolution List Too

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The year 2020 has been pretty much blah for almost everyone, except a few who were relieved that they won’t have to meet people on a daily basis (yes, I am one of those few). However, apart from being the complete party pooper and a greater disappointment than Bollywood remixes, this year has also been a great teacher. We started appreciating the littlest things in life, stopped taking our lives for granted, revaluated our expenses and embraced fair practices. When it comes to fashion, the pandemic has proved to be the mirror for brands and consumers alike to reflect upon their habits and approach and mend their ways. Since even corona said new year new me, we are we are pledging to enter the new year with a moral obligation towards planet and people and making some mindful fashion resolutions for the year 2021 (please be good).

2020 gave us ample time to pause and think about how we lived in the pre-Corona times, conveniently ignoring the planet and stocking up on clothes we probably didn’t need. I think as we bid adieu to possibly the worst year in the history of years, we can all celebrate the fact that we survived it and not let this second chance at life go to waste. I mean it would be a total bust if we conquered a deadly virus and was killed off in a few years by drastic impacts of climate change, which we actually have some control over.

For the longest time, I didn’t believe in new year’s resolutions, mainly because I couldn’t carry on with mine for longer than a week. However, this fashion resolutions are something I am willing to put my efforts in. In a bid to be a more responsible shopper and a fashion-conscious customer, we are swearing by some ethical practices and fashion commitments in the coming year. These fashion resolutions are truly achievable and effortless and take it from a fellow fashion enthusiast and impulsive shopper, practicing these will leave you with a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. Take a look at 5 relevant and easy-to-follow fashion resolutions you need to add to your new year’s resolution list before 2021 begins.

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Invest in sustainable brands


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As much as I love Zara, Mango and Forever 21, I’d be maintaining my distance from these fast fashion brands that make me feel like a mini celebrity in their super stylish clothes at the expense of making me an equal contributor to pollution. Because, let’s face it, they are no friends to the environment and are in fact responsible for producing heaps of textile waste which harms the planet. Instead, I’ll fill my wardrobe with clothes made of eco-friendly materials and brands that are working on building a sustainable future.


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Support local artisans and crafts

The pandemic has been extremely harsh on the local brands and artisans who suffered great losses during the lockdown. As the economy stands on its feet again, we as consumers need to lend our support to these local artisans and craftspeople who are despite being immensely talented and fine at their work, struggle to find recognition and make ends meet. A lot of celebrities like Vidya Balan have extended their support to the #VocalforLocal campaign by endorsing the work of local artisans while promoting their films but unless and until the masses buy from these artisans, they would never find a place they deserve in the fashion industry.


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Repeat clothes

We might have been fed this idea from the Bollywood movies that repeating clothes is a trait of a fashionably challenged people with the actresses never repeating an outfit in the three-hour film or Poo in K3G shaming a girl saying “parso ke din bhi yahi pehna tha na tumne?” However, that girl was obviously smarter than Poo for using her wardrobe judiciously and doing us all and the planet a favour. Starting this year, I’ll won’t dump my clothes until I’ve worn them a considerable number of times.  Plus, who needs a new and trendy outfit fresh off the market every week when I can style my clothes into a million trendy outfits (binge-watching those style hacks and quick outfit videos all through the lockdown will now come to use). This one would especially make my mom happy since she never misses a chance to remind me of every clothing item I own and do not wear.

Get out of my comfort zone


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I am a self-proclaimed fashion minimalist which translates to a person who is shit-scared of trying out those OTT fashion trends and would rather stick to their usual and classic style. However, if I have learnt anything from this year, it is that life is too short to spend in a hypothetical box. So, I am going to live on the edge, fashionably speaking. I would be experimenting with different styles, colours and trends that I never saw myself sporting before. Maybe it’s time to break out of the style rut and explore what the fashion world has to offer. But wait, don’t you get overboard with this idea and wear the bizarre trends we spotted this year. That would be a bit too much.

Think before I buy


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This one’s a bit selfish but truly necessary for a shopaholic like me who drains her salary every month on clothes and accessories without even blinking. I resolute to think twice before I buy and not flood my wardrobe by unnecessary and unwanted items. I mean, I shouldn’t buy something just because it’s pretty or on discount or haunts my mind once I leave the store (which has happened one too many times). To prove how serious I am about this, let me tell you that I saved a Insta post that had listed out all the questions you should ask yourself before buying a fashion item like ‘do you really need it’, ‘can you find it at a better price’ and so on. If you answer most of them with a ‘Yes’, you can skip shelling out money on it. I just hope I don’t say ‘No’ to all and buy without guilt. Here’s hoping!

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