Try This #HauteHack If You’ve Forgotten To Use Deodorant

Try This #HauteHack If You’ve Forgotten To Use Deodorant

So you’re having one of those days where you’ve forgotten to put on deodorant because you hit the snooze button a little too many times, and had all of 10 minutes to get ready for work. I feel your pain. The thought of getting through an entire day smelling anything but fresh is… well, awful. Throw in an important meeting and the usual sweltering heat and you’re headed for a beauty emergency.

But don’t panic yet. Grab your hand sanitizer and use some under each arm pit, allowing it to air dry for a few seconds. The rubbing alcohol in the sanitizer will kill the bacteria that causes body odour, plus it will also evaporate sweat. How easy was that?

Bonus Tip: You could also use wet wipes.

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