What Is A Root Perm And How Does It Transform Your Hair?

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When it comes to hair styling, there are numerous techniques and treatments available to achieve different looks. One such method that has gained popularity in recent years is the root perm. If you’ve ever desired voluminous, bouncy hair with added lift at the roots, then a root perm might just be the solution for you. Get ready to discover the secret behind achieving effortless volume and texture in your hair!

Understanding Root Perms

A root perm, also known as a root lift or root wave, is a hair styling technique that primarily focuses on adding volume and lifts to the hair at the roots. Unlike a traditional perm that curls the entire length of the hair, a root perm targets the hair closest to the scalp. This technique creates a natural-looking lift, making your hair appear fuller and more voluminous from the roots, without altering the rest of your hair’s texture.

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How Does a Root Perm Work?

During a root perm, the hair stylist applies a perming solution to the hair at the roots, focusing on the regrowth area. The perming solution typically contains chemicals that help break down the hair’s natural bonds, allowing it to be reshaped. Once the solution is applied, the hair is wrapped around small rods or curlers, and positioned close to the scalp. The rods are then secured, and a neutralizer is applied to set the newly created shape. This process helps to create lift, texture, and volume specifically at the roots, resulting in a fuller and more voluminous look.

Aftercare And Maintenance

1. To maintain the results of your root perm and ensure the longevity of the style, it’s crucial to follow proper aftercare and maintenance practices. 

2. Avoid washing your hair for at least 24 to 48 hours after the root perm. This allows the curls to set and helps them retain their shape.

3. Use sulfate-free and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for permed or chemically treated hair. These products help keep your hair hydrated and nourished.

4. Avoid excessive heat styling, as high temperatures can weaken the permed curls and cause them to lose their shape. 

5. Regularly deep condition your hair to keep it hydrated and prevent dryness. This helps maintain the health and elasticity of your permed hair.

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So, if you’re ready to amp up your hair game, consider giving a root perm a try. 

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