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This Product From Ilana Organics Is Perfect For Your Under Eye Problems

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Ever since the lockdown has happened everyone’s routine has gone for a toss. People sleep late wake up early which causes a lot of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. And I can tell you from experience that that has happened to me and I choose myself to speak on behalf of everyone else too.

I would wake up looking like Tom from Tom & Jerry where his dark circles are horrible. Yeah, sometimes I am Tom. But to get rid of these under eye problems I tried a lot of gharke nuske and what not but it didn’t work out for me at all. Or maybe because I kept sleeping at 6 AM everyday. Who knows?

So, I ditched gharke nuske and started looking for an easier way out which was the skincare products. So I kept browsing for a while until I set my eye on this particular brand called Ilana. Yes, I’ve heard a lot about this brand previously but this one particular product was apparently God sent and I had to give this one a try. So after going through the reviews and asking around about the product,  I went for it.

My eyes got really puffy from all that crying (life, love etc)  so this was a great opportunity for me to try this product out and so I did. The product is called Ilana Lush eyes that’s infused with Kiwi, frankincense and marula. Now, what’s frankincense and Marula you ask? Well, frankincense is an aromatic raisin that’s usually used in incense and perfumes and Marula fruit almost looks like it belongs to the lemon/orange family and contains 4x times vitamin C in any of the common citrus fruits. Well, that ought to taste realllyyyyyy sour.

The product comes in a small glass container with a lid and of course then the another lid on top to close it shut. The product is white and has a texture of thick cream but NO smell whatsoever which I like because perfumed skincare products usually scream danger and this waved green flags only. What I like the most is that it comes with a glass applicator that’s help you easily glide through under your eyes and then maybe you can use your fingers to dab it a little.

Before sleeping I applied just enough around my eyes and I could see the visible result of my puffy under eyes being de puffed and not only that, it helped lighten my dark circles also. I had finally found the cure to my dark circles and I was extremely happy. Honestly, I did not expect this to show results but boy was I wrong. So if you’re someone who is going through dark circles or puffy eye problems. Here’s your solution!


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