7 Things That Women With Great Eyelashes Always Do

7 Things That Women With Great Eyelashes Always Do

Some things in life are just plain unfair: like MEN with SUPER LONG eyelashes. Unless you’re in the minuscule minority of women who are blessed with Bambi-like lashes, having a set of fabulously lush lashes requires a certain amount of upkeep (you’ve got take care of the little that you have, don’t you?). Here’s how you might be harming your lashes and what you need to do instead.

1. Don’t rub or pull them

Some of my friends avoid doing eye make-up altogether because they’re compulsively rubbing their eyes. Not only is rubbing your eyes detrimental to the health of your peepers, but you will also forcefully tug out lashes thanks to that action. Rubbing your eyes vigorously is bad news ladies, especially if you have scanty, stubby lashes.

2. Don’t sleep with mascara on

It is important to take off every last trace of make-up before you hit the sack, and mascara even more so. Sleeping with mascara on, especially waterproof formulas, not only clogs your tear ducts but also leads to breakage and infections. Read more here.

3. Curl before using mascara

Curling lashes after putting on mascara puts a lot of stress on the lashes, causing them to break. They also tend to stick to the curler, leading to accidental tugging. Always curl your lashes before applying mascara and use gentle pressure at the roots to lift it up.

4. Condition them

Get into the habit of conditioning your eyelashes every night after taking off all your make-up. Castor oil is known to repair, nourish and even promote growth of new lashes (now who doesn’t want thicker and longer lashes!). Thanks to its ricinoleic acid and essential fatty acids, castor oil accelerates blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

5. Throw away old mascara

A lot of women use make-up that’s past its expiry without realising it. This is something you absolutely should be conscious of, especially when it comes to your delicate eye area. The closer a product gets to your peepers, the sooner it has to go. Mascaras need to go within 3-6 months for the health of your lashes.


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6. Don’t use waterproof formulas (all the time)

Waterproof mascaras are convenient because you don’t have to worry about streaking or messing up your face for up to 10 straight hours. However, they are made up of harsh ingredients that aren’t suitable for daily use. Use a lash conditioner before using waterproof mascara for damage control.

7. Use downward strokes

When taking off mascara, don’t randomly rub in every direction. Dab some eye make-up remover on a cotton pad and press it down against your lashes for a few seconds. Let them soak in the remover, then use gentle, downward strokes to clean away make-up. Rubbing the cotton pad against your eyelashes does not remove make-up completely and also weakens them, making them more susceptible to breakage.

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