This SPF Season, Keep Your Skin Summer-Friendly By Avoiding These 13 Sunscreen Mistakes!

Oh, it's a sunscreen sin!
This SPF Season, Keep Your Skin Summer-Friendly By Avoiding These 13 Sunscreen Mistakes!

The SPF season is here, you guys. Now, I’m sure all your beauty buffs are lathering up the sunscreen but just that is not always enough. Even beauty girls make summer skincare mistakes including some sunscreen mistakes that can put their skin at risk! Sunscreen might be our summer skincare staple but to err is human but fret not, my lovelies. I’ve listed down all the sunscreen blunders that you might be making to save you from summer skincare sins. And no, I’m not going to yap about reapplying your sunscreen and using it throughout the year and not missing spots. I think, at this point, we’ve all figured those ones out!

Sunscreen Mistakes To Avoid Making This Summer Season!

1. Less Isn’t More!

Sure, these days beauty trends are all about skin minimalism but applying less sunscreen is the worst kind of minimalism you can opt for because this WILL damage your skin. When you’re stingy with your skincare and don’t apply enough sun protectant cream, your skin is left exposed. Make sure to lather up (even when you reapply).

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2. SPF Isn’t The Only Ingredient!

Most of just pick up a bottle of sunscreen with SPF 30 or 50 from the shelves and that’s about it. But guess what? Just the SPF isn’t the only thing that matters when you pick your sun protectant lotion or cream. It’s essential to take a long hard look at the ingredients and pick a sunscreen that says “broad spectrum”. This basically means that it protects your skin from both UVB rays that cause sunburn and cancer as well as UVA rays that accelerate skin ageing, and cause wrinkles and cancer).

3. Is It Waterproof? Sweatproof?

Summer season also means that we hit the pool and the beach to beat the heat and if not, we’re probably going to be soaked in sweat. And how is your sunscreen supposed to protect you when it can’t even protect itself from water or sweat? Make sure to always, always pick a sunscreen that is waterproof for the summer season.

4. When Did You Apply The Sunscreen?

Apart from how much sunscreen you apply, when you apply it also matters. It’s pointless to apply it 10 minutes before stepping out or after you’ve already stepped out. Make sure to apply your sun protectant cream at least 20 to 30 minutes before you step out in the sun. FYI, applying it 2 hours before you go out doesn’t work either. You need to reapply every 2 hours (provided you’re in the sun for that long).

5. Did You Check The Expiry Date?

Most of us just stock up on our sunscreen and then forget to keep tabs on the expiry date. NGL but I have one tube of sunscreen in 5 different bags and if you’re anything like me, I suggest you check the expiry date before you apply that product on your skin.

6. Different Skin, Different Sunscreen

If I were to give you all the same size of clothes or footwear, it wouldn’t fit everyone, would it? In the same way, skincare products are also not one size fits all. The same product cannot be used for all skin types. So, make sure to pick a sunscreen as per your skin type. Those with oily skin can opt for a matt gel or cream formula and dry-skinned people can opt for something more moisturising.

7. Are You Only Using A Sunscreen Spray?

Spray sunscreens may seem super cool and fun but it’s not the most reliable product. More so, since it’s difficult to apply an even layer of product on your skin. Plus, in case you use a spray sunscreen when out in windy weather, you may end up denying your skin the protection it deserves and let’s not forget the risk of inhaling the product. So, make sure to apply a cream or lotion on your skin and when using a spray, spray the product on your palm and then rub it on your skin.

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8. SPF-Infused Makeup Is Not Enough!

SPF-infused makeup is NOT the same as applying sunscreen. READ THAT AGAIN. Your SPF 15 tint isn’t going to do the job! APPLY your sunscreen before you add on these makeup products with some extra protection.

9. Clothes Don’t Block UV Rays!

We usually apply sunscreen in the areas that are exposed to the sun but that’s not how it works. Apply sun protection on your skin before you wear clothes because summer clothes cannot protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.

10. Your Kissable Lips Also Need SPF

SPF for skin is fine but did you think of SPF for your lips? Yep, most of us forget to pick SPF-infused lip balm for the summer but hey, your lips also need some SPF!

11. More SPF Doesn’t Mean More Time In The Sun!

Yeah, that’s not how SPF works. Applying a sunscreen with higher SPF will not protect you from the summer sun for longer than usual. You still have to REAPPLY every 2 hours. Period.

12. Are You Storing Your Sunscreen Right?

Has your sunscreen been lying in your beach bag while you leave it in the sun? How long has that bottle of sun protectant lotion been in your car? Apart from checking the expiry date, make sure to check how you’ve been storing your sunscreen. If stored in the heat or high temperatures for long, the sunscreen loses its efficiency and becomes less potent. So, just replace that bottle already.

13. Have You Checked For Photosensitivity?

You may not know this but the other skincare products that you are using or maybe some of the medications you are taking might be causing photosensitivity (making your skin sensitive to the sun) without even you knowing it. This is why it is extremely essential to consult a dermatologist about which sunscreen to pick if you’re on any medication including those with doxycycline, isotretinoin, antidepressants, antihistamines or any other medications or creams. Skincare ingredients like retinol can also make your skin sensitive to the sun making your usual sunscreen rather useless. So, don’t forget to consult your dermatologist before you invest in sunscreen.

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Don’t forget to stay safe this SPF season, y’all! Make your summer fun and safe by avoiding this sunscreen sins that can take a toll on your skin!

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