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Editor’s Pick: Shachi’s Multi-Purpose Hair Iron

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner and having absolutely no plans to celebrate this day the conventional way, I chose to do something different than what I’ve done in 23 years of not celebrating the day at all. I’m going on a date with my long-time BFF, and I’m really kicked about this one! She and I grew up together and there’s nobody else I’d rather celebrate it with. Valentine’s Day is all about love, and she yells at me practically every week for not giving myself the time and attention I ought to.

Juggling between the lifestyle beat and social media at Hauterfly, and spending my free time on personal projects or watching Marvel’s Agent Carter, I struggle to find time for myself. Loving yourself isn’t only about knowing who you are and pushing yourself to be better each day — I know that now. It’s also about taking a step back to unwind and pamper yourself in the best possible way.

Not many of us splurge on ourselves, and thankfully I’ve started on that road. Splurge on yourself not because no one else will, but because you’ve got to look after your own needs. Maybe Valentine’s Day is about showering yourself with some love and affection along with the ones you care about!

Which is why I wanted to gift myself something on February 14, and I was on the lookout for a product that I really need instead of going for something I merely wanted. That’s when I came across this magical hair straightener-meets-waver-meets-curler. Phew!



Philips Straight & Curl Hair Straightener

Philips has come out with this super handy heat straightener that can give you a straight, wavy, or curly look in minutes. Now, I’m not very big on using lots of hairspray and moose to keep my hairdo in place, and thankfully I’ve been gifted with thick hair that hold the style long enough without having to spray anything on it. Also, I’m not very decisive when it comes to picking a look before hand. So a hair iron that can give me three completely different looks in one single product is like a blessing in disguise!

I’m totally adding this to my cart right away. With the 14th merely days away, this hair iron is just what you need if you’re as indecisive as me. Isn’t it just the perfect gift to gift yourself on Valentine’s Day?

SHOP NOW: Philips Straight & Curl Hair Straightener (Rs 3,911)


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