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Nykaa’s New Korean Sheet Mask Is Giving Us #SkinGoals!

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Sheet masks! Yes, I absolutely love sheet masks and hence the excitement. I am a sheet mask hoarder and I ain’t ashamed.  Every corner of my house has at least one untouched sheet that’s begging to be used because I don’t have the heart to open it, use it, and dump it. Yeah, a little too much of an emotional attachment towards a sheet mask.

I usually spend my weekends on the Nykaa app looking to buy more sheet masks that will do the job for me. And recently, Nykaa launched their own line of Korean sheet masks.

Now, when you hear the words Korean and sheet masks what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Besides, K-pop of course (let me hear all the ARMYs in the house). For me, it’s the amazing natural ingredients that actually help with making my skin look flawless AF!

I have tried the usual Innisfree and The Face Shop and they are the ones I swear by. So, I didn’t really hesitate to buy the Nykaa Korean Sheet Mask because it falls in the same price range of Rs. 100/- only.

So, I purchased their Rice + Camelia Sheet Mask and I did what any shopaholic would do. Waited at the door for it to arrive. It arrived and the packaging looked very pretty – one of the reasons for me to get the product in the first place.

I really didn’t want to open the pretty matte packaging but I had to and so I did. Well, let me be very honest – all the sheet masks are the same and hence, there was nothing different about this one either. But, it had a decent amount of liquid that could be used as a moisturiser.

I wore the sheet mask for about 10-15 minutes. I could tolerate the sheet mask for that long only because it had a very appealing fragrance. And I am someone who cannot sit in a place with the sheet mask on so I walked around and guess what? It didn’t slip off my face. Surprising, right?

After taking off the sheet mask I massaged the leftover liquid into my face, and trust me I was a new person. My skin felt softer and most importantly cleaner and this was because of the rice water that helps with balancing the sebum leaving your skin softer and naturally glowing and on the other hand, the camelia works to nourish your skin. So, bid adieu to all your highlighter (s), or not.

SHOP NOW: Nykaa Skin Secrets Mask Rice + Camelia Sheet Mask (Rs. 100)



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