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I Tried The Nuskay Golden Dew Concentrate And It Worked On My Very Demanding Skin

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City gal over here trying to say something over deafening car horns, so listen up before I run out of breath!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had problematic skin. As a child, my skin got too dry for the cold we were living in. Growing up, it got oily when I moved to warmer weather. This was followed by adult acne that stayed way past its welcome, till 26, leaving me with pesky scars that took another time period to clear out. All of this while living in one of the most polluted cities in the world, this Mumbaikar has been craving beautiful skin forever.

For context, my current skin type is combination, meaning I have problem areas of acne, with the dry areas being taken care of by a good skincare routine. I am constantly on the lookout for innovative products to make my skin look and feel better because the usual ones have given up. I stumbled upon the brand Nuskay on an editorial collab, which led me to try their golden dew concentrate and I was thoroughly impressed.

According to the brand, “This luxurious 24k gold serum helps in hydrating and re-energizing your skin.”. The product comes steeped in extracts of ginseng, orchids, and chrysanthemum. The high levels of antioxidants in it help to fight the free radical damage caused by pollution. The nano-peptides, gold and vitamin B3 in the formula is also a delicious mix for glowing skin. What I love about the formulation is that it’s super light and refreshingly smooth, gets perfectly absorbed by the skin to maintain its suppleness. As someone who suffers from daily pollution damage, using something with active ingredients for the day helps curb the effects.

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After I cleaned the whole bottle, I was struck with a bad case of FOMO until I purchased the next. The lightweight formula is perfect for my skin since it loses a lot of moisture throughout the day. I also travel a lot, so a non-greasy serum is the best thing to make sure your skin stays hydrated. It is not perfumed which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. I would literally walk around in construction areas with no fear of damage. Oh, how wonderful!

Apart from the obvious benefits of the concentrate itself, I was fascinated by this young label too. Founded and developed by Skin and Haircare experts – Dr. Pooja & Dr. Drishty Chhabra (Trichologists), this is a family matter. All the products are made with herbal, bio-inspired, sustainably sourced ingredients that are of high quality, pure and unadulterated. They also practice minimal packaging using recyclable materials such as glass, metal, and cardboard, which is music to my eco-conscious ears.

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Winner of the first-ever ever Harper’s Bazaar conscious beauty award, the label has grown out of the need of embodying rituals that go to our roots but can be a part of today’s lifestyle. The sisters wish to share traditional Asian beauty rituals that they came across on their travels across India, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan. As qualified medical doctors, they believe in thorough research and in-depth knowledge. This attention to detail is clearly felt in the pretty gold serum and am glad that a product like this is out there!

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