Dear Beauty Girls, Kriti Sanon Just Revealed Her Morning Skincare Regime And We’ve Got To Steal It!

Dear Beauty Girls, Kriti Sanon Just Revealed Her Morning Skincare Regime And We’ve Got To Steal It!

We beauty girls love our skincare routines but if there’s anything we love more, it’s a skincare routine followed by a celeb. While it’s essential to have your own tried and tested skincare routine, a celeb’s skincare routine not only gives us more insight into how skincare regimes work but they also help us try different routines and pick skincare tips from them. I mean they do have the best skin we’ve ever seen, hai na? The one actress whose skin we love the most is Kriti Sanon. I mean have you seen that glowing and smooth face? Now, if you’ve been dying to know Kriti’s skincare regime and steal some tips, your search ends here. Earlier today, the actress shared her detailed morning skincare routine for all of us to know. So, here are all the skincare steps that Kriti Sanon follows every morning.

1. Face Wash

Kriti Sanon first starts her skincare routine by washing her face with her usual face wash. She also stressed the importance of washing your hands before starting your skincare regime to ensure that there is no dirt, germs or impurities on your hands.

2. Mask (Once Or Twice A Week)

The actress begins her day with a mask once or twice a week depending on her work schedule. She does masking on days when her skin isn’t feeling good or if she has an important shoot or work to be at. Usually, Kriti Sanon uses a mask that has probiotics and Greek yoghurt but since her sister had taken her mask, the actress went with a different mask with a creamy texture. She suggests you use your hands to apply the mask instead of a brush because you can clean your hands properly but one never knows how clean or dirty a brush is. She also applies it under her eyes and then leaves it on for 20 to 30 minutes while she sips on hot water and lemon to hydrate her body and skin from the inside as well. The actress then wipes it off with a wet sponge before washing her face.

3. Use Microfibre Towels

The actress uses thin microfibre face towels to wipe her face after she washes it as they’re soft on the skin and are good for the skin. She pats her skin dry instead of rubbing it dry. Kriti Sanon leaves her skin damp instead of drying it completely as she believes that skincare works better on damp skin as it allows your skin to absorb the products.

4. Toner

Kriti Sanon uses a green tea-based toner as it has antioxidants which are good for the skin. Her current toner also contains niacinamide and she dabs it on her face with her hands.

5. Vitamin C Serum

Kriti Sanon stresses the importance of applying Vitamin C. The actress says that she applies a Vitamin C serum on her face every single morning and never misses it as it has brightening properties, improves collagen production, fights free radicals and also works as a natural sunscreen. She pats it on her face with her hands while asking people to never forget to apply their skincare products on the eyelids as well as we often tend to forget all about them.

6. SPF Moisturiser

Kriti Sanon does not like applying too much on her face in the morning and layering her skin so she prefers applying a moisturiser with SPF which can hydrate and nourish her skin while protecting it from sun damage. She uses a product that is rich in ceramides as it has a lot of skincare benefits. She shares that this is the product that she applies on her face and neck when she’s at home but if she has to step out she mixes it with a tinted sunscreen.

7. Lip Balm

She ends her skincare regime by applying a lip balm on her lips to keep them moisturised and nourished and Kriti Sanon uses the residual lip balm on her fingers to apply it on the outer edges of her eyes (crows feet area). Anything with petroleum jelly locks in the skincare products and prevents water loss and ensures that your skincare products remain on your face and allow your skin the time it needs to absorb it.

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FYI, Kriti Sanon shared that her morning skincare routine usually stays the same but her night skincare regime changes with time and the place she stays and other external factors. The actress also confessed that she keeps experimenting with her night skincare routine. Kriti also shared several other skincare tips throughout her video and stressed the importance of usinf hydrating, brightening and nourishing skincare products in the morning as people usually step out during the day in the sun. She also says that she ensures that she does not use any product that may make her skin sensitive or prone to sun damage during the morning as that’s when she is exposed to sun, pollution and lights.

The actress shared another tip where she said that one should apply skin care products depending on their thickness. One should apply the watery or water-based products first and then go on to thicker products like moisturiser and all and keep the face oil for the end because the skin cannot absorb anything that is applied on top of the oil. Another tip shared by Kriti Sanon was to apply the skincare products on the face, neck and also a little on the chest area. Well, TBH, we just have to steal all her tips and tricks for a simple morning skincare regime. Like the actress said, it is essential to keep your morning skincare routine extremely light and simple, especially if you have to apply makeup on top of it. Applying too many skincare products will make your skin feel layered and heavy when you apply the makeup and make it feel all cakey but never skip out on skincare or SPF during the morning.

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Well, here’s to wishing y’all have better skin!

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