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A Smart Brush That Repairs Your Hair? Yes, Please!

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While we wait for refrigerators that produce food and devices that help you travel from one place to another instantly, we have a gadget that helps you fix your damaged hair. Kérastase (owned by L’Oréal) in collaboration with Withings (owned by Nokia), unveiled ‘Hair Coach’ at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It is basically a hair brush that tells you how damaged your hair is, and how you can fix it. Who would have thought that the ideas of a hair brush will get us *this* excited? Whether or not this means that bad hair days are gone forever is yet to be seen, but we’re sure that this is only the beginning for such great technological advancements. And as we said that, beauty maniacs rejoiced all over!

The Hair Coach looks like any other brush, but this one features nylon and boar, bristles instead of the regular plastic ones. So how does it work? The Hair Coach has tiny microphones inside the bristles, that will listen to your hair movement as you brush it, and identifies whether it is dry, frizzy, and so on. It sounds too imaginative to be true, but only time will tell if it really works. It has accelerometer and gyroscope, wich will make the handle of the brush vibrate, if you are using too much force to comb. All this is cool, but how will a brush tell you that you have bad hair? Will a voice come out of the brush, bashing you for having broom-like hair? Nope. You will have to download an app with the same name that will receive feedback from the brush, and show you the results. Yes, Hair Coach has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The app will then recommend Kérastase products for you to use to repair the damage .

The price isn’t out yet, but it will be somewhere around $200. Now, whether or not we need this is a different ball game altogether. In mean, our hair will still be the same. Sure as hell not a necessity, but it makes for a good birthday present, no? Till then, check out the video below, if you thought we were joking about this invention.



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