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This All-Natural Product Removes Makeup Like A Dream!

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I’m no makeup guru, but age has certainly taught me a thing or two about beauty. And one of them is never sleep with your makeup on. Never, ever! I’ve been there, done that… and I can tell you the results are not pretty. From pimples to clogged pores and tired-looking skin, I’ve seen it all.

So, yes. My advice to teens and 20-somethings everywhere: Take off your makeup before you hit the sack!

Anyhoo, in my quest to get my makeup removal routine on point, I’ve tried a bunch of products, from oils to cleansers and wipes. But recently I chanced upon a product that I’ve decided is a keeper. The Kama Ayurveda All-Natural Makeup Remover.

For one, it’s got pretty pink and gold packaging (I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff). But not just that, the product actually works.

Inpost- Haute Pick_Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda All-Natural Makeup Remover (Rs 1195)

This makeup removal cream contains essential oils of rose and jasmine that obviously give it a floral scent, one that I don’t particularly love, but could definitely work with.

The creamy consistency provides stress-free makeup removal, unless, of course, your makeup is super heavy duty. The basic waterproof products come off like a dream with two applications at the most.

Simple apply the cream in circular motions to a dry face full of makeup. And voila! The plus is that it doesn’t irritate the eye area or any other sensitive parts.

Once almost all makeup is off, just wash your face with your regular face wash, and you’ll find your skin feeling fresh, but thoroughly moisturised at the same time.

I generally have reservations about giving beauty products a big thumbs-up, but not with this one. It’s efficient, natural and nourishing! Don’t think twice.

SHOP NOW: Kama Ayurveda All-Natural Makeup Remover (Rs 1195)


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