Kiss Dry, Chapped Lips Goodbye With These Easy Hacks

Winter is coming. I can feel it. Now before you start tripping on my apparent superpower, I know winter is here because my wavy hair starts behaving really well and my usually oily skin starts to feel dry and stretched. However, it’s my lips that do all the talking at the first sign of a nip in the air –they get super dry and chapped almost instantly. Chapped lips are my pet peeve when it comes to winter, and I really don’t like suffering through it, and neither should you. Here’s how you can keep chapped lips at bay with these easy beauty hacks.


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…but be gentle. The first step in treating dryness is to exfoliate. All your intensive moisturising treatments will come to naught if your lips are covered with dry, flaky skin. You want your lip salves to penetrate deeply and moisturise them from within, so use a soft toothbrush or sugar scrub to gently buff your lips first.


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Oil it

A lot of people slather on petroleum jelly through the day and wonder why their lips are still chapped. While petroleum jelly does a great job of sealing in moisture, it does nothing when it comes to actually hydrating your lips. You need an oil or salve that penetrates deeply. So first use a hydrating lip balm and then seal it in by layering Vaseline over it. You probably want to do this at night before you go to bed.


Drink lots of water. I can’t say this enough. In fact, you should double up on your fluid intake during winter because the cold air tends to zap the moisture right out of your skin. Drinking lots of water ensures your skin is always hydrated. Also remember to avoid licking your lips if they’re dry as that worsens the situation.


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Heal while you sleep

Make the most of your beauty sleep by using treatments specially formulated for dry, chapped lips at night. Gently exfoliate your lips then apply a thick moisturising balm or oil before you hit the sack. You’ll wake up with softer, kissable lips every morning!

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