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You Only Need 5 Minutes To Do Lisa Eldridge’s Version Of The Kitten Eye!

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The kitten eye is the chic li’l sister of the cat eye. However, I’ve never quite been able to nail it. But when in doubt, turn to YouTube, right? And the easiest tutorial I’ve ever found of the kitten eye has to be the one makeup maverick Lisa Eldridge uploaded on her channel recently. Eldridge calls her version super easy, and it’s hard to refute the claim. It is also your best bet when you have all of 15 minutes to do a full face of makeup.

Besides, this is a universally flattering look and Eldridge mentions who all can rock this style:

1. You know the cat eye does not go well with those who have hooded eyes since the brow bones are so overpowering. However, the kitten eye is a great look for people with hooded eyes because it focuses on the outer edge rather than the lashline.

2. It is an extremely flattering look on people with close-set eyes. It elongates your eyes and makes them look more spaced out.

3. It creates an illusion of almond eyes on those who have round eyes.

4. This works well for people who are not good at drawing an even line starting from the inner corner of the eye.

5. And, of course, this works when you have very little time!

Eldridge advises starting off with a liquid eyeliner concentrating only on the outer corner. You need start right at the outer edge, going as close to the roots as possible and winging it out. Restrain yourself from starting midway on the lid. I’d say focus on the outer 1/4th of your lid. People with hooded eyes should draw a longer winged tip. Connect the wing to the lower lashline; again concentrating only on the outer edge fill in the corner. Once she’s satisfied with the shape and length of the tip, Eldridge dips a small, fine brush in water and picks up some black eyeshadow (you can also use brown), and goes over the line she has just drawn to sharpen and add depth to it. She suggests using eyeshadow to connect the line to the lashline for a seamless look.

She then curls her lashes and applies mascara paying particular attention to the lashes on the outer edge on both the upper and lower lashline. This trick helps in opening up the eyes if you have close-set eyes and also creates a fanned out effect. Next, she contours her eyes with soft grey eyeshadow on a fluffy brush. You can also use a soft brown shadow. Contouring the sockets really lifts the eye. To open up the eye further you can use a matte white shadow in the inner corners close to your tear ducts. This will also make you look bright-eyed and awake.

Instead of using individual lashes (because those things are time-consuming) she takes a fulls set of falsies and cuts about 5 lashes from the outer corner. She then glues this clump to the outer corner of her lashes to thicken and emphasize their shape.

Really, how easy was that? I think this is totally going to replace my mascara-and-chapstick routine!


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