Here’s How To Dress Your Tresses At NH7 Weekender

Here’s How To Dress Your Tresses At NH7 Weekender

Whenever I’m dressing up for an occasion, I usually don’t have a problem deciding my make-up look. But the hair? It leaves me confused EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Truth be told, it’s my fault. I usually leave my hair decisions for the very last moment, and then have no choice but to hurriedly put something together. I’m guessing I’m not alone in this dilemma, so I’ve rounded up really cool tutorials to arm you with some #hairinspiration for NH7 Weekender Pune.

Headband Braids

So you know how it goes at music festivals. You start out looking fresh but an hour into the event and you’re sweating like crazy. Not that I mind, as long as my hair stays out of my face. This tutorial is perfect for girls who want to keep their hair — especially that annoying fringe — out of the way and enjoy the music unfettered.



Faux Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are synonymous with music festivals and are insanely pretty, but let’s just face it: It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So what do you do? Never wear your hair in a gorgeous fishtail braid? NO WAY. You wear this super-easy faux fishtail braid instead, and don’t worry about it being neat. The messier, the better. Sweet, yes?



Braided Crown

Know what I think when I see crown braids? Soft, romantic, dreamy! This twisted style may look intricate, but they can be done even by Ms Butterfingers. Throw in some flowers to channel the boho vibe you’re so inclined.



Jewelled Undercut

I don’t need much convincing if there’s a hairstyle Rihanna has worn. Ever since she got an undercut, I’ve wanted to do so myself. But unlike Rihanna, I don’t have the guts to shave off a side of my head even though it has the ultimate bad girl vibe. The choices one has to make. Sigh! However, watch this video to ape a faux undercut look that is as edgy as RiRi’s.



Reverse French Braids

If supermodel Joan Smalls does it, it’s obviously good, right? I think her braids (check this story) look part whimsy, part fierce and totally BELONG at NH7 Weekender.



Boho Braids

What’s a music festival without its fair share of braids, huh? If you’ve mastered the basic French and fishtail braid, nothing should stop you from trying these four looks. I especially love the third look with the slightly thinner braids on the sides. You can add two or more smaller braids on each side instead of sticking to just one.


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