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The FACES Ultime Pro BlendFinity Sticks Will Help You Glam Up On The Run!

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If you are a makeup hoarder, then you must know that makeup is hard to store and maintain. Owing to my butterfingers, I have lost count of the number of times I have dropped and broken powdered makeup products, and as I collect the remains of my shattered makeup and my broken heart, I cannot help but gravitate towards cream-based makeup.

Cream-based foundations in a stick formula have been around for a while now, and they are quite a hit. They are compact, swift, easy to apply and handy. Another advantage that the coveted stick based formula has is that its application can be direct, which means eliminating another step of applying the makeup with brushes or a sponge and that means you don’t have to spend hours over a sink cleaning them, which frankly,  is the best thing ever.

FACES Ultime Pro BlendFinity Stick Blush- Sweet Apricot (Rs 699)

In keeping with the trend of stick-based formula, FACES Canada now launched the all-new Ultime Pro BlendFinity Sticks. This BlendFinity range is a stick formula that is offering foundation, blush, concealer, and highlighter. I managed to get my hands on the Illuminator- Make Me Shine highlighter and blush sticks in the shades Passionate Pink, Stunning Cinnamon, and Sweet Apricot. Both the blush sticks and the highlighter are priced at Rs. 699.

FACES Ultime Pro BlendFinity Stick Blush- Stunning Cinnamon (Rs 699)

Other than being affordable, easy to carry and apply, the cream sticks are rich in texture and the colour payoff is BOMB. The blush sticks are super-pigmented and melt into your skin. With these blush sticks, a little goes a long way, just dab-dab and blend away. It’s creamy and lightweight texture offers a soft velvety finish to your skin, However, the creamy texture of this blush may not be ideal for those who have an oily skin.

FACES Ultime Pro BlendFinity Stick Blush- Passionate Pink (Rs 699)

Sweet Apricot is a peachy-coral hue that flatters most Indian skin tones. If you have a warmer undertone, then Passionate Pink and Stunning Cinnamon may not be the best options for you, they could end up looking too stark and it might go from blush to clown pretty quickly. The blush sticks are also extremely long-lasting saving you frequent touchups. Pro-tip: These creamy blush sticks also double up as lipstick, so you get twice the worth of your money.

FACES Ultime Pro BlendFinity Stick Illuminator- Make Me Shine (Rs 699)

Moving onto to the Illuminator- Make Me Shine highlighter, when I first swatched it on my hands it gave an iridescent and luminous champagne tone, creamy finish to my skin. Be very careful with the application, these are NOT to be applied like foundation sticks, simply dab some on your high points and the blend away! Unless of course, you have been invited as a disco ball to a party, then it’s all good.

The highlighter is of a cooler tone, so if you have a deeper and warmer undertone, it may not sit well. It does have a beautiful sheen to it, and it gives a luminous glow as the light hits your face. Do not apply this highlighter after using powdered products on your skin, as it will crack. The highlighter gives the best finish when used over a cream or liquid base.

So if you are looking to glam up on the go, without having to deal with leaking liquid makeup or breaking your powdered products, or getting makeup all over your fingernails, then, the Ultime Pro BlendFinity Sticks are for you. Another advantage is that, the only tool you need is beauty blender for the application of these products.

You can get the FACES Ultime Pro BlendFinity range at a FACES Canada store near you. Happy shopping!


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