10 Eyebrow Mistakes You Need To Stop Making

British supermodel Cara Delevigne making full, thick brows chic again was good news for me. I’ve got a lush set of eyebrows that have never been touched by a professional. Now why wouldn’t I love rocking a trend that I didn’t even have to work for? #Score! More than anything else, I’m glad that eyebrows are finally looking like eyebrows again instead of creepy crawlies that have sprung out of your head.

I don’t recommend that everyone go natural and let their brows grow wild; it’s good to have expert help every now and then, but I’ve noticed a lot of people making these common eyebrow mistakes while maintaining them. Find out which one’s you’re guilty of and what you need to do to stop.



1. Using face products on brows

Very often, I’ve seen people slapping on creams, sunscreens, foundations, and other face products haphazardly all over their face, eyebrows included. Eyebrows are like the scalp; if you don’t put your face creams on your scalp why would you do that to your brows? You will only end up clogging the hair follicles and causing the brow hairs to fall off or prevent regrowth.

2. Using a magnifying mirror

When you zoom in so much, you lose perspective of how much hair you have already taken off and what really needs to be tweezed. In all likelihood you will end up with tweezing too much. Stand at least two feet away from a mirror in normal lighting and then tweeze.

3. Tweezing before a shower

That’s downright masochistic. Showering opens up your pores and softens the hair, making it easier to remove them. Tweezing after a bath is less painful, obviously.  

4. Tweezing very often

Don’t go batshit crazy when you notice stray eyebrow hair growing back. Leave a gap of two to three weeks depending on your hair growth between each tweezing session. When you tweeze to often you run the risk of over-plucking and going too thin.

5. Going after Instagram brows

The brows we see on Instagram are unrealistic #browgoals. There, I’ve said it. Brows should frame your face and bring out your eyes, not look like ads for Nike! If you’re using a brow pencil, make sure you use short, feathery strokes instead of actually drawing on eyebrows.


6. Not investing in the right products

The right brow products should create an illusion of natural eyebrows. They shouldn’t look drawn on. As for picking colours, if you already have dark hair then use a brow pencil, pomade or powder in a shade lighter than your hair to keep it real. Pick natural over harsh and use this handy guide to pick the right brow products.

7. Sisters, not twins

Like your boobs, eyebrows are supposed to look similar but not identical. Remember ladies, they are sisters, not twins. Try to shape and fill them in with similar starting and end points, but don’t obsess over making them look identical.

8. Overzealous use of scissors

Most women don’t need to trim the edges. I’ve seen some women with pointy, poky eyebrows because they got a little too scissor-happy. Brush your hair upwards and just trim the hair that sticks out a lot. Let them be feathery to get fuller, lusher brows.  


9. Doing brows during periods

It’s an established fact that women are more sensitive to pain and discomfort during their periods, so it only makes sense to put off waxing, threading and/or tweezing until later.

10. Being impatient

Sure you don’t have all day to get your brows in shape, but that doesn’t mean you tweeze a couple of hairs at one go just to finish the chore at hand. You are more likely to pull out hair in any direction and will end up with bald patches.

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