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Cosmetologist Dr Madhu Chopra, Mom To Priyanka Chopra, Talks About Beauty Trends, Says Everyone Should Get Laser Hair Removal

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Did you know that Dr Madhu Chopra, actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ mom is a cosmetologist? Dr Madhu Chopra, MBBS DORL is a managing director at Studio Aesthetique Clinic which is an all-in-one next-gen clinic for dentofacial aesthetics, cosmetic surgeries, and skin treatments. Headed by her and her partner Dr Neetika Modi, who happens to be a celebrity Dental surgeon, Dr Madhu Chopra’s clinic specialises in procedures like lip injections, non-surgical rhinoplasty, and anti-ageing injections with derma fillers, wrinkle prevention treatment with BOTOX and other neuromodulators. Her clinic also offers dental services like cavity fillings, Invisalign, root canals, implants, teeth whitening as well as full mouth rehabilitation and more.

IMHO, the concept of beauty is subjective. But at the same time, we also have beauty standards and trends that leave us all confused. In an exclusive chat with us, Dr Madhu Chopra talked all about the latest beauty and cosmetology trends, and the best skincare routine and she also revealed her beauty secrets. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Q. We see a lot of videos of celebs decoding their skincare routines and they sometimes have like 15 steps! Do we really need so many products and steps? What’s a basic guideline for picking the right products for our skin type?

Dr Madhu Chopra: The celebs or whoever they might be doing those 15 steps to get that glass transparent skin but I think it is not feasible, not practical. You can’t be consistently doing it so, maybe the outcome or the results won’t be the same. So for me, depending on your skin type, there are just three basic things – cleaning, toning and moisturising. Now, what you clean with, tone it with and moisturise it with depends on your skin type. You might have combination skin or oily skin or very dry skin. So, these skin types have to be studied and assessed before any advice can be given. And I personally believe that at least 80% of it should be home products and I’ve also spoken about it many times. You find everything that you need for your skin around you. And that’s deepest because if you know the source so, you know, it’s purity and you know what you’re mixing, you know what your skin is liking and you know what you’re giving yourself. I trust that a lot more. Some high-end cosmetics are good but they’re too expensive to be used in the long term. Like, I am personally using one of the cheapest off-the-counter moisturisers, Boroline. It’s been there for generations and I use it for my hands, my feet, heels and for my lips. I also use it for cuts, it doesn’t leave any scars. Cetaphil is another one of the cheapest off-the-counter products. These products are good for my skin. You don’t need to go for a high-end thing unless you have problems then perhaps it’s fine.

Q. What is your personal skincare routine like?

Dr Madhu Chopra: When I was younger, my skincare was very basic. I used to do an ubtan wash every day with besan, my toning used to be ice water splash and my moisturised used to be glycerin diluted with water. I would keep it on for a bit like a mask and then wash it off. This was my set routine. And once a week I would grind dried orange peel and apply it to my face. It has a bleaching effect, an anti-tan effect, brightens the skin and has vitamin C. I have never had blemishes or pimples while I was doing this. I made the powder and kept it and once a week I would do that. Sunday used to be a big day for self-care. My mother used to do that for herself and for her children and I still continue it.

Q. When do you think is the right age to start using anti-ageing or collagen-building creams and serums?

Dr Madhu Chopra: Personally, I believe in preventative – preventative Botox, preventative anti-ageing treatment. Because today’s kids are exposed to an unbelievable amount of pollution, stress and sunlight. Due to the lack of ozone, the sunlight is coming directly and the UV rays are so harmful so, for today’s kids, I would suggest that as soon as you start seeing fine lines or feel that your skin is getting patchy or if you have smile lines which you shouldn’t at your age, then start treating it right away. I say that because you don’t want to suddenly look very starkly different due to the fine lines and wrinkles. That would be strange. So, I prefer to prevent ageing. For the next-gen, start treatment before you start showing signs of ageing.

Q. You’re a cosmetologist but also the mother of a woman who is a beauty pageant winner, an actress and a global icon who works in an industry that has unreasonable beauty standards and harsh critics and trolls. How do you reconcile these two aspects of your life? What is your relationship with ‘beauty’?

Dr Madhu Chopra: Very close. Very dear. And I believe that everybody has the right to look as good as they possibly can be without re-modelling their faces or changing their personalities. For the better, yes, I’m all for it which is why I became what I am today. I was primarily an ENT surgeon and I became a cosmetologist because I realised that I needed it. I am very particular and I don’t dispute it at all that everybody has something beautiful about them that can be enhanced and something not so beautiful about them that can be changed. Everyone has the right to look young.

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Q. What are the current trends in the cosmetology industry? Has there been a spike or a drop in the number of people who seek beauty treatments, especially post-pandemic?

Dr Madhu Chopra: The best thing is that the men are becoming more concerned about their looks and grooming and approaching without being embarrassed or ashamed. That’s a very good thing that is happening. Nothing has gone down as people need it more and more because this is not a one-time thing. You get it done once and you continue doing it because you can’t stop ageing, you can’t stop working in the sun, you can’t stop unless you can prevent all that is harming you then you don’t need me. But if you can’t, then it is a continuous process and there’s no letting up. And the current beauty trend that I’ve been seeing on Youtube and these social networking sites is the glass skin. It’s a good thing, it’s achievable but what they don’t see is the skin tone, the complexion and the genetics of that group of people who have access to getting glass skin is not with us. Indian skin will not get glass skin but yes, they will get translucent, bright, luminous skin which is what I can say is the newest trend. People are more concerned about the skin which is very good. People are very concerned about their health and nutrition which is excellent. And I’m seeing such a nice change among young people today, and they’re already taking preventative measures today so that they don’t look old later.

Q. Could you name a few beauty treatments that you think everyone should get? And why?

Dr Madhu Chopra: Laser hair removal is something that I would recommend to everybody because see, hair has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have more than necessary hair in parts that you don’t like, then you should get laser hair removal as it becomes permanent after a bit. Six sessions and it doesn’t grow back and three more maintenance sessions and it never comes back if it does, sometimes you can have it removed. But that is one of the cleanest, safest methods of feeling fresh and clean. So that is something I recommend to everyone. You should have laser hair removal and not shaving and waxing. Waxing gives you lines and shaving gives you bristles. Don’t do all that, especially girls never! I think everyone should do it, men and women. Men who shave their chest, just go and get laser hair removal.

Q. We’ve moved from braces to invisible braces but in your medical opinion, is this shift good or bad?

Dr Madhu Chopra: It’s a good thing that we’ve moved to invisible braces. Alignment of the teeth gives you a beautiful smile and a beautiful bite, a good bite. And this way your other teeth don’t get damaged, the jawline doesn’t get damaged and your face remains symmetrical which is a good thing. It’s a punishment to have those braces growing up. Uff, terrible. I had them.

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Well, Dr Madhu Chopra really did give us some great insight. Guess, it’s time for a laser hair removal session!

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