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These Charms Will Change The Way You Braid Your Hair

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We can all agree that there are about a million ways to braid your hair out there. From the regular double chotis we wore to school to a French braid, and now boxer braids, the number of hairstyles that involve braids is possibly endless. So naturally, it was bound to get an upgrade.

Enter braid charms. They’re simply metal rings you attach to your existing braids and, all of a sudden, they look a hell of a lot cooler and edgier than before.


Of course, this style works with any kind of braid you’re feeling that day. Just style your hair and add on the clips, depending on the jewellery you’re wearing.


Not a lot of people are selling these babies yet, but if you have a DIY bone in your body, this is totally something you could make at home. There is one other option. Remember Jen Atkin’s line of hair accessories? Along with Chloe + Isabel, she’s created a line of braid charms that will be perfect for music festival season.


Jen Atkin x Chloe + Isabel Tassel Braid Charms (Rs 2,500 approx)


But they aren’t shipping to India just yet. So unless you have a friend or cousin abroad who can get them down for you, your best bet is to DIY them or buy a handful of small hoop earrings from the street and use those in your braids — yes, it totally works!


I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to add these babies to my braids!


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