The 5 Beauty Habits We Will NOT Obsess Over In 2016

It’s getting a little tiring making new resolutions year after year, and then forgetting about them before January has even ended. You know all those hilarious New Year Resolutions memes are actually true! So this year, I decided on a more practical 2016 resolution. As far as my beauty routine goes, I want to focus on my skincare regime a lot more instead of being waylaid by all things superfluous.

I wish I could be more diligent about washing my face before I hit the sack, and taking off my make-up every night (guilty as charged, but some nights I just can’t be bothered. An awful thing to do, I know). But overall I also wish we could take a more relaxed approach towards the way we look. So here’s what we need to stop stressing over in 2016:

1. Bare Nails

First of all, having polish on at all times is not good for the health of your nails. It’s important to give your nails a breather every now and then. While we love to give ourselves crisp manis, going bare means not having to worry about chipped or peeling varnish and yellow nails. No stress!

2. Hair Goals

It’s only human to covet our favourite celebrities’ ensembles, features, hair et al. However, stop living in denial and accept yourself in all your unique glory. Everyone is not born with Gisele Bunchen’s bouncing waves. No matter how many expert tips you religiously follow you might not wake up with model-off-duty hair and that’s ok. Embrace your natural texture, or style it the way YOU want to!

3. Brow Goals

Ladies, if your #onpoint brows are a result of brow pomade and not actual eyebrow hair, then that’s a fail. Let’s not go crazy drawing in brows that do not exist. Focus on grooming them instead. And please go easy on those tweezers. Nobody notices those few stray hairs unless they have microscopic vision. And while we are on the subject of brows, read what’s going to be big in the brow department in 2016.

4. Prominent Roots

It’s very difficult to keep your calm in a hair-dye obsessed world. But showing your roots is not the end of the world. Give your hair a breather. It’s ok to not bother about every centimetre of regrowth.

5. Keeping It Classic

We can’t deny the heady feeling of bagging one of those covetable Kylie Jenner Lip Kits or Gwen Stefani’s Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette. However, it makes more sense to find what’s your niche instead of aping every other trend. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be on trend, but don’t be spending a bomb on products you might barely wear.  The reason some ladies became iconic in Beautyville is because they found make-up looks that worked for them and rocked it endlessly without looking boring.

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