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#AskHauterfly: What Is Pressed Powder Used For?

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No doubt, makeup can be super confusing. Especially for someone who doesn’t know the difference between foundations and concealers, the beauty world is a whirlwind of confusion. How many makeup brushes should you own; can you use your fingers; what’s the difference between a powder and mousse? Ahh, the doubts are endless.

One of the most-asked questions of the lot is “what is pressed powder used for?”. Firstly, in our weather conditions, a powder is a necessity in everyone’s makeup kit — whether you have a massive vanity case, or just use an old stationery pouch!

What is its significance? Well, powder basically sets the foundation or base in, giving it that ‘finished’ effect. By doing so, you also reduce the shine caused by excess oil or grease. This is perfect for those sweaty days in summer, girls!


Now, if you’re looking for sheer coverage and a minimal appearance, going for pressed powder makes sense, as it gives you a flawless finish. Pressed powders are a lot easier to manage for a beginner, as you get a minimal amount of product as compared to loose powders.

They also come in compact cases that are portable, which allow you to carry them around — so touch up, whenever, wherever!

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