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7 Sheet Masks That Will Make Your Skin Feel Hella Good

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Before I actually showing you these masks, let me tell you this — the effects of a sheet mask varies from person to person. That being said, I’d also like to tell you that I’ve been losing friends to these masks lately. I’d much rather stay home on a Saturday night and tuck in to a rom-com with a sheet mask on my face and a jar of Nutella by my side, than go hang out with them. Who wouldn’t choose Ryan Gosling and a glowing face over alcohol and a swollen ankle, am I right?

So once you get over that slightly gross feeling you get when you have a wet cloth on your face, sheet masks actually feel quite soothing. They cool your face down, hydrate it and basically lighten the load of impurities it absorbed during the day. So, instead of heading to the nearest watering hole this weekend, climb into your bed with one of these masks and tell us which one rocked your world.

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MaskerAide All Nighter Facial Sheet Mask (Rs 460)

1. If you did happen to go out and well, spend the whole night out, you’re probably not going to feel so great the next day. While you may not feel good, this mask has the power to make it look like you had a good night’s sleep. Even Kim Kardashian West swears by it. It’ll take away any puffiness and, with peppermint oil as an ingredient, it’ll wake you right up.


Anatomicals Botanical Hydrating Rose Face Mask (Rs 299)

2. If your skin gets dry and flaky after a day out, this is the mask you’ve got to try. It instantly boosts your skin with moisture, and the rose extract not only reduces redness, the scent really makes you feel like you’re at the spa.


LuxaDerme Bio Cellulose Skin Brightening Mask (Rs 2,000)

3. For days when your skin feels dull and needs a pick-me-up, try LuxaDerme’s sheet mask. While it brightens your complexion, it also aims to fix any skin discolouration and makes you feel as good as new in just 30 minutes.


Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective White Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque (Rs 8,000)

4. Yes, this one is definitely on the pricier side, but it also is that much more effective. Twenty minutes with this mask assures reduction of dark spots, plumper skin and hydration. Since it’s infused with vitamin C, it reduces the occurrence of future dark spots and makes your skin firmer in the process.


SK II Facial Treatment Mask (Rs 5,646)

5. Another pricey but highly recommended one is the SK II’s facial treatment mask. It hydrates, revives, relaxes your skin and leaves it soft, radiant and clear. If you’re about to be a bride, this is the mask you need to have on for a few weeks before the wedding — it’s on the brand’s bestseller list for a reason!


Sephora Ginseng Mask (Rs 430, available in store)

6. Feel like your pores are starting to look like craters you find on the moon? Sephora’s Ginseng mask will help you tone and revitalise your face, leaving it tighter and feeling like porcelain.


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Mask (Rs 1,467 approx)

7. Victoria Beckham uses this, so it must be good! Unlike all the other masks on this list, this one is a foil mask that helps lock in the serum faster and deeper into your skin. Ten minutes with this baby is all it takes to look hella good!


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