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5 Beauty Hacks To Use The Wrong Shade Of Foundation The Right Way

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Makeup is kaafi expensive and we all know that. I once bought four things a foundation from Bobbi Brown, an eyeshadow palette from Huda Beauty, a setting powder (from a brand that clearly did not make a mark) and a foundation brush from Smashbox for Rs 14,000 and I believe it was cheap (but not really, you know what I mean). But I didn’t always invest so much money in makeup. Back in the day, when I started using makeup, I could never find the perfect shade of foundation that was an exact match for my skin. And we’ve all been there and done that, right? Struggled to find the right shade of foundation and in the process ended up with multiple wrong shades? I would always give away the wrong shades to my mom or friends or just about anyone whose skin tone it would match until one fine day when I realised that I could actually put the wrong shade to the right use. So, I thought why not shade some of these beauty hacks with all my lovelies.

1. Mix It Up!



If you’ve bought a shade that is darker than your skin tone, you can always mix it with a lighter shade of concealer, foundation or moisturizer. And if you have a shade that is lighter than your skin colour, mix it with a darker shade and you’re good to go!

2. Contouring To Your Rescue


Women of colour often end up with foundations that have ashy or pinkish undertones and putting them to good use can be really difficult. But if you’ve picked a base with these undertones that is at least two shades darker, you can always use it to contour around your cheeks and nose. You can also use the foundation on your face and balance it out by brushing it with a little bronzer in the right places. If you’ve got a darker foundation with warm undertones that then you can replace your bronzer with that base and use it to sculpt the sides of your face and your forehead.

3. Highlight-Highlight


I love highlighters and at this point in time, I have at least a minimum of 6 different types and shades of highlighter. But using a shiny product to highlight your face on a daily basis is not always practical. This is why I would recommend that you use the lighter shade of foundation that you bought by mistake to highlight your face. You can always mix it up with your go-to highlighter if you want.

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4. Oh So Prime!


Ending up with the wrong shade of foundation can be an absolute nightmare but if you’ve got a lighter shade you can use it as a primer for your eyelids. A lighter base can make the colour of your eyeshadow pop and make it look much brighter.

5. Blend It Right


If you know the right blending techniques, you can get away with just about anything and if you don’t, then using the right shade of foundation will also not do you any good. If you’ve got a foundation that has the right undertone but the wrong shade, you can apply it to the centre of your face around your eyes and cheeks but avoid the hairline and jawline area. You can also blend it down to your neck and chest to make it look balanced out.

You can always right the wrong shade of foundation!

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