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I Purchased A Foundation That Didn’t Budge At All And Even Hid My Dark Circles. Yes, I Could Skip Concealer

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Phew. I am back after my sister’s wedding. Yeah, she’s gone and besides my mum, there was one more thing that kept me company in between all the crying, bearing the sister’s tantrums and sweating through all the dancing. My Bollyglow foundation. Yes, a little weird to have a foundation as my companion, but it managed to keep my makeup intact for the wedding week. And that’s really difficult to find in a foundation. Let’s call it my date, shall we?

I wanted to move on from the regular foundations and try something different. So, leaving my comfort zone with a heavy heart, I opted for the Bollyglow foundation. Little did I know that this is going to my BFF. I will be honest that I wasn’t sure how this would turn out, because it was a new brand and I’d end up wasting money on something that I hate. Just like I regret investing time in my ex. Yes, makeup and I are currently in a relationship and this one I promise will last longer than any other relationships I’ve ever had.

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The package of the product is really cute it comes in like a tube with a pump and obviously a cap, with very attractive branding in the front. The foundation easily squeezes out of the tube and also in a good quantity. For the smell, I have to admit I didn’t pay much attention to because of all the chaos around me. But the foundation is very soft and smooth and settles down very well too. It felt lightweight on my skin and easily absorbed into it as well. I could have used just my fingers to blend the foundation, but I didn’t take the risk, working it into my skin with my beauty sponge.

With so many people under one roof, the house was obviously hot and sweaty. I will be honest – I wondered how bad it would look if my foundation dripped down my neck – hideous. But to my surprise that didn’t happen at all and I was really happy with my purchase. It somehow even managed to cover my dark circles, which was quite impressive. So, if I used my concealer on top of it, my dark circles would disappear, which was a plus point for me! But mostly, I skipped the concealer.

If you are looking for a foundation that will stay through thick and thin, then I suggest you get yourself Bollyglow!

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