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#BrokeBeautyLover: I Finally Found A Foundation That Suits My Face And Fits My Budget. It’s For Rs 299

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I have never been a huge fan of foundations. One of the reasons for this is probably the fact that I have been trying to use my sister’s foundation and that’s too fair on my skin so I invariably end up looking like Ranu Mondal after that ghastly makeover and that can’t be a good thing for anyone involved. So you can understand why I have steered clear of this product.

But a few months ago, I decided to give up on my grudges and decided to give it a try. Because for how long should I shy away from what is the foundation of makeup. Geddit? Okay, I am sorry, that’s an awful joke. This time around, it wasn’t so bad, it just that it wasn’t my shade. So, I had to mix 2 different shades of foundation to get one that would suit my skin. I bought multiple foundations which while applying look exactly my shade, but after oxidising I looked very orange and slightly like a Cheeto. In fact, this one time my mum thought she left me in the super market and thought she had come home with someone else’s kid. Sigh.

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That’s when I thought I gave up on the idea of applying a foundation at all. I would only make do with primer/face cream and that was that. I hated mixing foundation to get my colour because my lazy ass just wouldn’t agree with doing so much work. Now, that my sister is getting married – as you all know – I decided to go back to trying the foundation at the store and get my perfect shade. But this time I took my expert along with me who also happens to be my managing editor.*drum roll*

I walk in the store and look at Maybelline display and see the Fit Me collection. I had heard that the Fit Me collection is one of the best, so I thought what the hell, let’s give this one a try. Maybe it won’t fail me like all my boyfriends have. After picking out multiple foundations and swatching them on my face, so now I looked like 50 Shades of Beige, I finally found my perfect shade. I didn’t instantly decided that it was mine. I let it settle on my skin, waited to see if the colour would oxidise, how well it sunk into my skin and all that. I was making a well-informed decision. *feels very adult…ish*

The foundation is very light-weight on your skin, and while it gives you great coverage, it also doesn’t look like you’ve put on a mask. The product sinks into the skin almost instantly. The matte finish gives off a very natural look that most of us want when we apply foundation – not the one where we look like we urgently need blood circulation on the face. They claim to have shades that “suit every Indian skin tone” and I agree! Because it was difficult for me to get my shade and I finally found it here. And the pricing fits my budget perfectly – Rs 299 only. What more could I ask for from my perfect foundation?

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