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11 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands Available In India

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The internet is a lovely place. I can see your eyebrow going up. You obviously think I am a little cuckoo. Because isn’t it full of trolls and negativity. Yes, there’s lots of that but also, there are cat videos. And dog videos. And dog and cat videos. You get the drift. You come across so many cute and happy things. Unfortunately, at some point – even if you didn’t ask for it – you come across a video of animal cruelty. I liked animals as a kid. Like I would pet a dog here and there, but since I have had cats as my pets I have a strong connection with them. I have had thoughts about adopting each and every animal that is left to die on the streets. It’s sad what this world has come to. And it’s cruelty. I can’t even imagine how the people have the heart to cause pain to something that doesn’t have a voice.

Recently, I met a friend who asked me for cruelty-free products because she didn’t want to be on the bad side anymore and I thought why not help just her, but also my fellow readers. Hence, I have listed down a handful of brands that are cruelty-free and you look glamorous without feeling guilty about it.

  1. NYX Cosmetics 

I didn’t know NYX was a cruelty-free brand until I decided to write this article. I really should read the packaging more often. This LA-based makeup brand is all things nice for the beauty junkie. Even though NYX is a cruelty-free brand, they don’t compromise on product performance and the pigment is everything a beauty junkie dreams are made of.

2. Wet N Wild

Wet N Wild is cruelty-free brand that fits in your budget and has some of the best products on the beauty market. They even happen to have over 400 shades. I know that’s hard to believe, but that’s what they claim. Now, What more can you ask from a brand? This one is perfect.

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3. The Body Shop

The Body Shop stands for everything yummy smelling, at least to me. They are cruelty-free, vegan and collaborate with NGOs from time to time. Their dedication towards the earth and changing things around is what makes them the brand of year (and every other year) in my book.

4. House Of Makeup

Launched in February 2019, this brand is all about being transparent with their customers. Their aim is to provide makeup that is non-harmful and the best part is, they are well within your budget.

5. Rude Cosmetics

One of my favourite brands that is cruelty-free with every product delivering great pigment. I “accidentally” bought this product. You see sometimes I shop out of boredom and I placed an order for their Whatever Forever palette. I wasn’t sure about buying the palette because I’ve never heard of the brand. Once the product came in I knew I had made the best decision. I wish I could choose men with such confidence.

6. MoroccanOil

Ever heard of an oil brand that was cruelty-free? Yeah, me neither. Turns out MoroccanOil is a cruelty-free brand made for people who hate oiling their hair. I say this because I am one myself and after I started using this oil I make sure I apply it every once a week. The pros of this oil are – faster drying time, transforms your hair completely making it look nourished and healthy and it comes with proteins for shine and protection. I would suggest you buy this RN!

7. Colorbar

A brand that I have known of since forever, except I didn’t really. For the longest time, I didn’t know that Colorbar manufactured cruelty-free products.. Yes, there’s a lot that I am getting to know about these brands. We love that Colorbar innovates and really has a hand on the pulse of the market.

8. Smashbox

This Los Angeles-based company is synonymous with great products. Their #1 best seller is their primer which keeps your makeup going forever and them some. They are the best sellers for a reason. Add to that they have recently become cruelty-free and you’ve a winner on your hands. I will take one of all, thank you.

9. Aveda

Another hair care product you would want to add to your shopping list. The cherry almond range is something you have to try. The leaves of cherry almond infused in the shampoo will leave your hair soft, shiny and bouncy. They also suggest that the shampoo works very well for long hair. So if you have long hair and support cruelty-free products, then this one is for you.

10. Physicians Formula

I was first introduced to Physicians Formula when my cousin gifted me with their quad blush palette. I loved that palette and till today, it has my heart. I refuse to give up on it, yet. This drugstore brand has everything nice under a budget. If you are looking for a bronzer, then go for their butter bronzer and thank me later. Plus, they are cruelty-free, so that’s something.

11. LA Girl

I had been hearing about LA Girl for quite some time as a teen (when I didn’t know the head or tail of makeup) then my sister got their concealer and though it wasn’t for me, I loved the coverage it provided to my sister’s panda eyes. Yes, I did throw subtle shade. I haven’t really bought anything from them yet but I look forward to buying their Shock Wave Eyeliner range soon. And yes, they don’t hurt animals. So love.


Sama is a Social Media Executive at Hauterfly. She owns 3 fiend cats that she loves the most, besides pizzas and everything junk! Her love for BTS is immense and will cry at every breath they take!

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