10 Beauty Subscription Boxes To Pamper Yourself With This Month

February is the month of love, which also means loving and pampering yourself too. And how better to start it off than to order something that will make you feel uber special? You know that feeling of opening gifts on your birthday and Christmas morning — well, what if I tell you can feel the same thing…every single month. Subscription boxes and bags are the perfect gifts you can surprise yourself with. Back in the day, subscriptions were only limited to magazines and VHS tapes from your local movie rental store. But now it extends to so much more than just that. Although the concept of monthly boxes isn’t a new concept, it’s something that is growing on people, only to turn into something bigger and way better. Think of it as a little treat to yourself for getting through the month and helping you through the next. How awesome would it feel when you realise you have a package waiting for you in your name?

With that being said, almost every other girl is fascinated with the idea of beauty, right? This doesn’t have to be limited just to makeup, but to products that make you feel pampered and gorgeous. So, during this month of love, be kind and generous to yourself and subscribe to any of these totally affordable beauty boxes available in India. It’s splurge time, girls!


1. Look Fantastic India

A hand-picked selection of 6 luxury beauty must-haves of the month, the Look Fantastic beauty box is your ideal gateway to some premium pampering. The best part? The contents of the box are a secret, until you actually receive it and get a surprise. An assortment of skincare, haircare, and cosmetics, this will be every beauty junkie’s dream package — out of the 6 products, 3 are full-sized. You can subscribe to whatever package that tickles your fancy — yes, they have different themes and categories to choose from, so that you’re not left disappointed. The subscription is available in 1, 3, 6, and 12 month plans, offering you exclusive discounts and sneak-peeks of limited edition boxes.

Cost: Starting from Rs 1,319


Courtesy: Instagram.com/thefabbag

2. Fab Bag

FAB BAG brings to you affordable hair, beauty and makeup products every month that will add to your perfect collection. You get a preview into what’s coming your way each month…and it’s customised just for you. Their mantra? To make sure that all your vanity needs are met. Even if you are unsure, you can cancel mid-subscription — but we don’t think that will be necessary.

COST: Starting from Rs 1,599 for 3 months


3. My Envy Box

Envious indeed — the My Envy Box provides you with 4-5 trial beauty products from international labels and its free shipping makes it even more worth it (you know shipment costs are something that can make or break your checkout). All products are from luxury brands and will give you that luxe treatment you deserve!

COST: Starting from Rs 2,250 for 3 months


Courtesy: Instagram.com/niveditanb

4. OhCuteBox

How can you not want something from this ‘cute box’? Come on! The OhCuteBox uses intel from beauty experts who have had over 30 years of experience in cosmetics and understand what the Indian user would want. So, you know those Facebook quizes that tell you what your personality is through your answers? Well, this beauty box does exactly the same and is specially made for the Indian woman who wants to treat herself to the right beauty products.

Cost: Rs 1,770 for 3 months


Courtesy: Instagram.com/TheNature’sCo

5. The Nature’s Co Beauty Wish Box

The Nature’s Co beauty box is for one who loves the bath and body way, but in its au naturel form. Their cruelty-free and vegan products are the perfect way to pamper yourself — with a mix of approximately 7 deluxe products and reusable packaging. For anyone who is anything like our lifestyle writer Japleen, this is enough to have you sold!

COST: Starting from Rs 632 per month for a year


6. Globox

Sign up to Globox and fill in your beauty profile — then sit back and let the beauty experts work their magic. Globox holds brands such as Deborah Milano, Lottie London, SkinYoga, and MUA. With that being said, you don’t need anymore excuses to pamper yourself, now do you?

COST: Starting from Rs 845 per month


7. MSM Box

MSM has a whole lot of packages to choose from to suit every mood. Plus it is gender friendly and also has a men’s version for the boyfriend. But since it’s more about you, take your pick from the various boxes your could subscribe to and get surprised each month!

Cost: Starting from Rs 595 per month


8. Violet Box

Hand-picked by celebrities, get about 10-12 luxe beauty products that are not only organic, but vegan too. Curated by celebs such as designer Archana Kochhar and singer Shruti Pathak, for every box sold, Violet Box donates a month’s menstrual supplies to a girl in need. Also, they are the founders of the Day Drinking Box, which encourages you to drink healthy teas and coffees. Give back to those less fortunate, whilst treating yourself too with Violet Box.

COST: Rs 749 per box



Courtesy: Instagram.com/PujaCuteNails

9. Mystery Box

The mystery box pretty much sticks to its name and keeps you on your toes month on month. Offering you 4 to 5 products which are based on the theme of the month — you can get your beauty fix through beauty, fashion, and lifestyle products.

COST: Rs 4,197 for 3 months


10. O My Bag

The O My Bag subscription box consists of natural bath and body products that are parabens-, sulphate- and petroleum-free. The au naturel way to beauty, O My Bag promises a holistic approach to your well-being. So if you want to give yourself a spa day, these products should be your go-to!

COST: Rs 399 per box

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