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Thoughts We All Have When Stuck In A Boring Meeting!

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It’s a Friday and I’m still at work writing this post, so you can imagine what my current state would be. But the cherry on the top is meetings! The long, endless, pointless kind.

It is literally the same drill, week on week. We pretty much have a script ready on everything that we go through while stuck in a meeting… the kind that goes on for hours.

The problem isn’t the brainstorming sessions, it’s the 101 other things that happen during these meetings that are a complete waste of time.

After 10 people share useless ideas and 1 over-enthusiastic soul takes over the meeting with suggestions, you end up sitting at 8 pm on a Friday, writing articles.

Okay, you should stop reading my rant and watch it instead. Check out the video above and ROFL!


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