Prajakta Koli Is Taking Over The Internet, One Video At A Time

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#HauteSteppers is a video series that puts young, ambitious women in the spotlight. We are talking about women who made unconventional choices, who’ve gone off the beaten track, achieved success and fame, and become brands of their own. These women are forging ahead with their keen business acumen, they are using their social networks to leverage causes, and each of them has a journey that is inspiring and aspirational in equal parts, and definitely needs to be heard! We shadow them for a day, giving you a peek into their lives and the work they do… it’s a behind-the-scenes look at what makes them who they are. 

In the third episode, meet the bubbly — Prajakta Koli, a.k.a MostlySane. The YouTuber started doing what she loves by fluke, and her story is every bit relatable. A not-so-great internship, meeting her celebrity crush, and finally creating content that has us ROFL.

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From producing videos by herself, to having the support of a team, she has shown us that hardwork can bring you the accolades you want. An inspiration to teenagers and adults alike, she makes every viewer feel like a part of her story. Whether it’s through her interactive vlogs or hilarious scripts. In the 379-odd videos that she’s done till date, there is something for everyone.

Know how she does it all, with a smile on her face in the video above! We’re sure that you’ll be amazed by her girl-next-door charm, and warm positive vibes. We definitely were.

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