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These 6 Types Of People Are All Of Us — On Our Birthday!

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Birthdays! A step towards getting older and supposedly wiser. A day where you can pretty much get away with anything. Why? Just because it’s your day. It’s the day you were born and you’re meant to celebrate it. Or are you?

We’ve all come across various people on their birthdays — some who are super duper excited and others who will murder you if you even think of wishing them. Some want to celebrate getting older, while others want to hide from the thought of losing another year.

Here are 6 types of people you will definitely encounter on their birthday.

1. The Party Starter

This is the one who only needs an excuse to party, and her birthday is the perfect reason to.

2. The Hater

The one who hates everything about her birthday. She’s the girl who walks around with a dark cloud of gloom on that special day.

3. The Double Dholki

The one who pretends to hate her birthday, but is actually quite excited for surprises internally.

4. The Hinter

That person who just hints and hints and hints about the gifts she expects on her birthday. She really wants them, like really, really wants them, but only slyly slips it into the conversation.

5. The Cry Baby

The not-so-little baby who not only hates her birthday, but is also sad about the fact that she’s growing older.

6. The Enthu Cutlet

The one who is super excited about turning a year older and loves everything about her birthday. She not only celebrates it on the day, but also celebrates it before and after!


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