World’s Oldest Person, Lucile Randon, Aged 118, Dies. She Survived WW1 And COVID-19!

May her soul rest in peace.
World’s Oldest Person, Lucile Randon, Aged 118, Dies. She Survived WW1 And COVID-19!

Given how our lifestyle has become, it is considered a miracle if we even live up to the age of seventy. Elderly people who are in their 80s or 90s are considered superheroes for making it to that age. And the ones who hit a century, are considered to be blessed by God personally! Imagine living for a century, seeing the world literally transform in front of your eyes and you transforming with it! Sounds tedious but cool at the same time, right? But I have sad news to give to you about the world’s longest-living centenarian. French nun Lucile Randon who was 118 years old has passed away.

World’s oldest person passes away

As per reports, Lucile Randon who was known as Sister Andre passed away in her sleep in the Sainte-Catherine-Laboure nursing home of the French city Toulon. Spokesman David Tavella shared this sad piece of news with the news agency AFP and said that she wanted to join her ‘beloved’ brother and also said that for Randon this was her liberation.

Lucile Randon was born on February 11, 1904, and if you are a little weak in history, let me tell you that she was born 10 years before World War I took place. Which means, she survived the war! Randon was also considered to be the oldest living European until last year as Kane Tanaka from Japan held the position at the age of 119. But after she passed away Lucile became the oldest living person on Earth.

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When she was 116 years old, Lucile Randon gave an interview and expressed her happiness at the return of her brothers from WW1. Randon was 26 years old when she was baptised and took to Cathecolism.

This news has left me wondering about the stories she would have from her time growing up, surviving the war, being a part of globalisation, and also surviving the pandemic! All of this sounds too much to experience in a lifetime, na?

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