Mumbai Police Jumps Into Action After Woman Reports Man For “Kotha” Comment On Her Dance Video. A New Low For Men!

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Mumbai Police Jumps Into Action After Woman Reports Man For “Kotha” Comment On Her Dance Video. A New Low For Men!

Social media has given a voice to people, a medium where they can criticise or appreciate anyone they like. However, social media users often take the liberty of passing insensitive comments under the guise of giving opinions. In a recent case from Mumbai, a girl reported a similar matter to the police after she was allegedly slut-shamed by a social media user named Prateek Aaryan. The Mumbai police responded to the woman’s tweet and asked for her contact details.

What Happened?

It all started when a social media user named Prateek Aaryan took to his handle and posted a dance video of a professional dancer Shruti Parija. The user wrote that Indian colleges and schools known for organising cultural performances have been reduced to being a “Kotha” (Brothel). Taking the example of Shruti’s dance at the college fest, the man further called out institutions for promoting it as a cultural performance. Prateek Aaryan posted this on February 13, and two days later Shruti Parija noticed the post and left a comment on it. She identified herself in the video and clarified. Shruti wrote that she is a professional dancer and had performed at the fest after the college requested her to. Shruti further asked Prateek to take down the post, and a heated argument happened between the two. Prateek Aaryan clarified that he did not offend her and had criticised the college. He also refused to take down the post.

After endless requests to him, Shruti Parija finally wrote a tweet to Mumbai Police in which she mentioned that Prateek tried to damage her reputation and also blackmailed her. The Police took note of the case and responded to the tweet. They sought her contact details. However, Shruti said on Sunday that the video had been disabled based on copyright claims but Prateek still did not remove it from his post, and it might be available.

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Putting out opinions on social media is acceptable, however, posting someone else’s video or photo without their permission and using demeaning words for whatsoever reasons is unjustified. People really need to learn how to be respectful and sensitive on social media instead.

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