Himanshi Khurana Shares Screenshot Of Chat With Asim Riaz After Being Trolled For Breakup, Quits Social Media

This is getting too dramatic!
Himanshi Khurana Shares Screenshot Of Chat With Asim Riaz After Being Trolled For Breakup, Quits Social Media

Break-ups are never easy, especially when they involve public figures. The recent split of Bigg Boss 13 fame couple Himanshi Khurana and Asim Riaz has sent shockwaves through their fanbase. The reason behind their separation, as stated by Himanshi, is their differing religious beliefs. However, what ensued after the announcement added a new layer to the unfolding drama.

Taking to social media, Himanshi Khurana decided to share personal chats with Asim Riaz, giving fans a glimpse into the private conversations that led to their break-up. This unexpected move left many puzzled, wondering about the motivations behind such a disclosure. The leaked chat included Asim’s messages, emphasizing the couple’s religious disparities as the core reason for their decision. In response to this, Asim urged Himanshi to make this the official reason, underscoring the respect they hold for each other’s faiths.

Following the online revelation, Himanshi made a surprising move by quitting all social media platforms. This abrupt exit fueled more speculation and discussions among fans. In her final statement on X (formerly Twitter), she clarified her stance, asserting her secular beliefs and expressing her desire for both sides not to engage in blame games.

The public reaction to this breakup saga has been mixed. Some fans expressed disappointment, A user urged for understanding: “Both mutually parted away….y fans r too keen to prove who is wrong n what not…..let it be. Just be happy could be worse if it happened in the future….” Another user emphasized mutual decisions: “Never targeted Himanshi! It’s a MUTUAL DECISION! Neither Himanshi should be targeted nor Asim! Himanshi should also not play the RELIGION CARD as both of them knew their religions already!” A user speculated on Himanshi’s actions: “She did what she was told to do….end of story. Now you all stop with bashing.” Another user emphasized differences: “Oil and water do not mix. It’s very difficult to make a relationship work when people are from vastly different backgrounds……”

Himanshi Khurana and Asim Riaz started dating each other inside the Bigg Boss house in season 13.


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