Why Is Twitter Acting Like Neighbourhood Aunty And Gossiping About Kusha Kapila’s Divorce?

Mind your business na!
Why Is Twitter Acting Like Neighbourhood Aunty And Gossiping About Kusha Kapila’s Divorce?

On Monday evening, content creator Kusha Kapila left social media in a frenzy after she suddenly announced that she is parting ways with her husband of 6 years Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia. Ever since then social media users have been constantly talking about the influencer’s divorce. In fact, this brought to light the fact that the rumour mill has been buzzing with rumours of problems between Kusha Kapila and her husband Zorawar for months now. And while I get that the internet users are shocked about the news, people seem to have formed their own opinions on the matter and are busy gossiping about Kusha’s divorce but tumko dikkat kya hai?

While several social media users have attacked Kusha Kapila for dropping her husband like a hot potato now that she’s a popular celebrity, others have been coming up with conspiracy theories as to why the content creator decided to part ways with her husband. An old video of Kusha Kapila speaking about ‘sexual infidelity’ with filmmaker Karan Johar on Koffee With Karan has surfaced as people attack her for her decision. Some are even joking about how they initially thought that Kusha and Zorawar’s pup Maya was actually a human child as the influencer spoke about co-parenting the dog. Take a look at the comments below.


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Karan Johar’s Relationship Mantra
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Honestly, I don’t get this. Tumko kya dikkat hai? Why is Twitter acting like the neighbourhood orthodox aunties judging and gossiping about the girl who’s getting divorced? Why is the internet so concerned about a decision Kusha Kapila has taken for her own personal life with mutual consent? IMHO, it’s rather stupid that people are coming up with conspiracy stories about someone’s personal life. It’s no one’s business why she’s getting divorced or what triggered it. Why are we so interested in someone’s personal choices and doing a whole panchayat about it?

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Can we all please mind our own businesses and let the couple part ways in peace without 500 people gossiping about it? NGL but there are bigger issues that we can talk about that actually concern us, unlike Kusha Kapila’s divorce which is her business alone.

Also, what if they want to co-parent their dog? Tumko kya?

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