How To Set Co-Parenting Boundaries With Your Ex So You Don’t End Up Like Anupamaa And Vanraj!

We know what lack of boundaries does!
How To Set Co-Parenting Boundaries With Your Ex So You Don’t End Up Like Anupamaa And Vanraj!

Parenting is stressful as it is but having to co-parent with your ex after divorce is much much tougher. And the lack of boundaries makes it impossible for either party to have a healthy personal life. Evidence in question – Anupama and Vanraj. Desi Twitter has been pissed off with these characters of the top-rated television show Anupama due to the lack of boundaries. For a divorced couple who has been co-parenting, they seem to lack boundaries and are constantly in each other’s personal space and life to the point that it has become toxic. I mean, we’ve seen Anupama consoling Vanraj and supporting him and we’ve also seen Vanraj poking his nose in Anupama’s personal life and affairs which is rather uncalled for. This divorced television couple seems to be taking far too many liberties with each other and it’s making us uncomfortable.

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If you wish to not end up like Anupama and Vanraj, here are some tips to set boundaries with your ex while you co-parent with them!

1. It’s extremely essential for divorced couples to cut their emotional ties with each other and not just the legal ones. Divorce your ex emotionally and stop interfering in their lives, asking them questions when it’s not your place to do so. Essentially, stop being the Vanraj in their lives.

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2. Build a new relationship with your ex after you bury your old one. You cannot have your past with your partner affect your kid when you co-parent. Bury your old issues and build a new relationship with them as a co-parent. Don’t be like Anupama and Vanraj who are friends one minute and enemies the next!

3. Don’t let co-parenting affect your new life. Being a parent means taking responsibility but this doesn’t mean that you ignore your new life at the drop of a hat and rush to your old one. If you have a new partner, don’t allow your past to take over your present life and affect your relationships.

4. Figure out your parenting styles and stick with them but ensure that you present a united front before the kids, unlike Anupama and Vanraj who are often locking horns before their kids. Learn how to communicate in a neutral manner.

5. Keep your personal lives to yourself. Don’t discuss your personal life with your ex or allow them to open up about their personal life with you. You do not need to discuss their relationship with their new partner or your relationship with your new partner. Keep the conversations limited to your kids.

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6. If you’re unable to communicate with the co-parent in a healthy manner, the best idea is to completely cut them off and parallel parent without having any direct communication with your ex.

All in all, learn how co-parent based on mutual agreement and have shared rules, discipline and routines for the sake of your kids while ensuring that your personal life does not entangle with that of your ex!

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