UP Students Slammed For Organising Burqa Fashion Show, Muslim Body Threatens Legal Action: “Burqa Isn’t Fashion”

The policing of clothes never stop!
UP Students Slammed For Organising Burqa Fashion Show, Muslim Body Threatens Legal Action: “Burqa Isn’t Fashion”

A recent fashion show at a college in Uttar Pradesh became a lightning rod for controversy, sparking discussions about culture, identity, and the portrayal of the burqa in a modern context. The event, named ‘Splash 2023’, was designed to celebrate creativity and individuality, particularly among Muslim women, by showcasing the burqa as a fashion statement rather than just a traditional garment.

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However, what was supposed to be a celebration of creativity became a subject of intense criticism after the video of the show went viral. The footage, shared on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by the handle ‘enghinditweets,’ showcased women confidently striding down the runway in Burqa. The accompanying caption read, “Catwalk in burqa in Shriram College, Muzaffarnagar!! Jamiat Ulema said – Burqa is not a part of fashion; it is used for curtain. College students should not do this in the future.”

The Jamiat-e-Ulema, in response, released a statement vehemently opposing the incorporation of Burqa into what they deemed a ‘fashion show.’ Their stand was clear: the Burqa, in their eyes, was not an item for a fashion display but rather a traditional garment with cultural and religious significance.

Maulana Mukarram Qasmi, the Jamiat Ulama district convener, expressed strong objection to the event. In his view, presenting the Burqa as a fashion statement targeted a specific religion, potentially causing offense and hurting the sentiments of the Muslim community. Qasmi went a step further, issuing a warning to the college and its students. If similar events were to unfold in the future, legal action, he declared, would be on the horizon.

On the flip side, the organizers of the show defended their intentions. They emphasized that the event was conceived as a platform for Muslim women to showcase their creative side. The aim was not merely to challenge stereotypes but also to provide an opportunity for women to express themselves through fashion, even if it meant incorporating traditional attire in an unconventional setting.

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In a world where inclusivity and representation matter, navigating the delicate balance between cultural respect and individual expression is crucial. It’s an opportunity for dialogue, understanding, and perhaps a catalyst for redefining the intersection of tradition and modernity.

The event was also attended by actress Mandakini who lauded the efforts of the students for the theme of the show on Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao initiative.

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