Hautetalk: How Are Women Supposed To Feel Safe As Rape Convict Gurmeet Ram Rahim Gets Third Parole In 2023?

India has failed women!

Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has been granted a 21-day furlough starting November 21 which marks his third parole in 2023 and eighth parole since being convicted for two counts of rape in 2017 and then for two murders. I write this with a very heavy heart and tears rolling down my cheeks, our country has failed its women not once but far too many times. As a law-abiding citizen of this country, I expect the government to protect women and their rights but from the looks of it, there’s no hope for women as a rape convict walks the streets of our country once again.

Rape Convict Gurmeet Ram Rahim Walks The Streets Of India Third Time On Parole In 2023

As per media reports, the Dera Sacha Sauda chief, who is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for rape in Sunaria Jail in Rohtak district of Haryana, submitted a furlough application which was approved after no objections were raised regarding it by the UP district administration. The 21-day furlough request was made so that Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh could travel to Baghpat in UP. Another thing to note is that in 2022, the Dera chief was granted 3 parole and during one parole he wrote, produced and shot 3 music videos and during his third parole, he was caught in violation of the law after a video of him cutting a cake with a sword went viral on the internet. This is an illegal act as per the Arms Act of 1959.

So essentially, a man convicted of rape is being released from jail to shoot music videos. What a comfortable life for a rape convict na? While the survivors have to witness the viral videos of this man indulging in illegal activities (activity, in this case) while out on parole. There’s not a spec of doubt that this man is one who has power, influence and money due to his huge following. Despite being held guilty of rape and murder, the man continues to get parole time and again. It is also important to understand that this man with power, influence and money who is out on parole also has ongoing cases in the court and we all know how easy it is to tamper with evidence and witnesses.

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Do You Know Dera Sacha Sauda Chief Has Been Accused Of Castration Of Hundreds Of His Followers?

What’s shocking is that this man accused of several crimes including castration of his followers has been time and again allowed to walk the streets of our country for some or other reasons and we all have heard of the political clout the man had in the past. Are women supposed to feel safe that a man CONVICTED of rape and murder is free to walk around while we’re all told to cover up and not step out of our homes late in the evening and take responsibility for our own safety? What about the protection, safety and equal rights that this country owes us? Women make up nearly 50% of this country’s population and let’s not forget that we’re practically the backbone of the country (not a single man will be able to work if their beloved housewives let them fend for themselves, so please!), and yet, our safety does not seem to be a priority as the leaders of our country continue to remain quiet as a rape convict enjoys freedom while serving his jail sentence.


What Is Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Reportedly During Parole?

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was escorted to UP with tight security and his following continues to grow as he will now hold virtual discourses from his Barnawa ashram in Uttar Pradesh. Every single time this rape and murder convict is released on parole, there is severe outrage on social media with people calling for his parole to be cancelled but all the outrage leads us nowhere as the Dera Sacha Sauda chief continues to enjoy what I would like to call his powerful man privileges. As a woman, it is heartbreaking for me to witness my country betray my trust by allowing a man with money and power to do as he pleases while women feel unsafe. Is that how we’re going to save our mothers, sisters and daughters?

Amid all this, I took a moment to scroll Twitter to see what people have to say about the self-styled godman being out on parole and guess what I found? A series of tweets from people hailing the Dera chief for doing good deeds which to me seems nothing more than propaganda. What’s the point of doing good after the man has raped women and murdered humans and allegedly castrated several people? Any good deeds done after the crimes committed by the self-styled godman cannot justify the sins or change how unsafe women feel because of such “gurus” being allowed to roam the streets.

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My heart truly aches for the victims of this man’s crimes who must be shivering in fear or probably getting flashbacks of what the man did to them after hearing the news of his parole once again. For the third time this year, these survivors/victims must be feeling triggered and would be losing their faith in our country after witnessing the luxuries this man convicted of rape and murder continues to enjoy. I say luxurious because, no matter how much good behaviour he displays in jail, the fact remains that he killed people and he violated the bodies of women (which is not good behaviour) and yet he gets to spend 21-days sharing guidance (really? a rape and murder convict giving guidance?) with his followers.

Sure, he may have done some good deeds but no good deed can wash away his sins and the fact that these crimes that he has been convicted for are not something done in the heat of a moment (which is not an excuse anyway), but rather crimes that have been committed by him at a time when he was experiencing the high of power, influence and money. From where I stand, this person is a habitual offender with 4 convictions and more cases that are sub judice. So, what are the chances that this convicted criminal will commit more crimes? And he’s out on parole *slow claps*, what women safety are we talking about again?

I sign off with some food for thought for all of you, how safe are women? Where do we go for justice? Does good behaviour in jail excuse the gruesome crimes committed by a person?

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