Exclusive: Priya Bapat Recalls A Shocking Sexual Harassment Incident: “It Happened In The Safest Place”

Exclusive: Priya Bapat Recalls A Shocking Sexual Harassment Incident: “It Happened In The Safest Place”

There is not a single woman on earth who has not been sexually harassed by a man in any public place. It’s a traumatic experience that a woman never forgets. Many actresses have opened up about such experiences in Hauterrfly’s The Male Feminist. In the latest episode of the show, actress Priya Bapat also narrated the incident of sexual harassment in Mumbai and how it changed her to be more prepared for the future.


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Priya Bapat On Sexual Harassment

For the very first time, actress Priya Bapat opened up about a sexual harassment incident that happened to her in  Mumbai’s Dadar right in front of her house. Talking about the same, she said, “It happened in one of the safest places, I was coming back from work and was in the lane in front of my house. I was on a call with a friend when a man came from the front and grabbed my boobs and left. It took me a few seconds to realise what happened to me, I stood there and when I looked back, he was not there. I ran back home crying and my mother was not there, my father was. When I told my father what happened to me, I could see that he felt helpless at that moment, and bad about him being a man. He couldn’t pacify me or neither could he protect and tell me that this should not have happened.”

Talking about the incident, Priya Bapat said, “From that moment till now, if I ever feel that the man’s intentions are not right, I prepare myself to hit him hard.”

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As we said earlier, you will never find any girl who has not been through such traumatic experiences in life. It’s quite sad to know that even today nothing has changed when it comes to women’s safety. The crime rates have increased, let alone getting any less. We still hoping for a day when women don’t have to go through such bad experiences.

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