Study Shows 95% Indian Women Clueless About Changes To Abortion Laws Under MTP Act, 1971

This is distressing!
Study Shows 95% Indian Women Clueless About Changes To Abortion Laws Under MTP Act, 1971

The lack of awareness among women about their rights is bothersome. And well, it also comes from the rooted patriarchal ideologies which hold women back from knowing and using their rights in the country. And among many such important rights is Abortion rights. But a very recent study has shown some alarming results after it found that many women have no clue about the laws and changes made to abortion rights under the MTP Act, of 1971. In fact, 95% are unaware of the amendments made to the rights a few years ago.

The Foundation of Health Reproductive services did a study to determine the extent to which awareness related to abortion rights exists among women. The research was conducted primarily in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi and Rajasthan. The most alarming result from the study was that 95 per cent of women were not even aware of the changes in the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, of 1971. As per the modifications around a year back, the laws legalised abortion for up to 20-24 weeks. However, many women had no idea when asked about it. The more shocking part of this study was that among the women health workers, 95 per cent did not know about the legal rights related to abortion. The percentage of women who actually had knowledge about the Medical Termination Of Act is distressingly low as it was just 4 per cent, as per the news.

Furthermore, the research also suggests that women heavily depend on social media as a trusted source of information. Another source of information for many unmarried women were their teachers.

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It is really sad to know that the women of the country are not even aware of the choices that they are legally allowed to make. The solution to these underlying problems should be a priority of the government and they should initiate a drive to educate women on such important rights. The most alarming result was that women who are working in the healthcare department have no idea about it too! They are the ones on whom the other women rely. The study has brought to light an issue that should not be ignored. In fact, as educated women in society, we too should try and educate the women we know about such laws that are made to benefit women.

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