Iranian Women’s Rights Activist Chronicles Bone-Chilling Torture Done To Prisoners

Her account is scary.
Iranian Women’s Rights Activist Chronicles Bone-Chilling Torture Done To Prisoners

After the Iranian morality police killed the 22-year-old Mahsa Amini because she was wearing the hijab ‘improperly’, mass protests broke out in the country. Women took to the streets to protest against such stringent rules imposed by the morality police. Many women’s rights activists and protestors have condemned the police’s brutality against women, and they have also been imprisoned for raising their voices. One of the prominent Iranian women’s rights activists, Sepide Qoliyan, was also among those imprisoned. She has written a letter from the prison describing the brutality and torture that the prisoners are subjected to. 

As per reports, Sepide Qoliyan has been sentenced to five years in prison for her activities that go ‘against national security’. And surprisingly enough, the courts have cited this reason for sentencing her to prison. In her heart-wrenching letter, she has written how she and the other inmates have been subjected to immense torture. 

She writes that she is imprisoned at the Evin prison and it is the fourth year of her punishment. She also wrote there is a section of the Evin building that is been used only to torture the prisoners. Sepide writes that one can hear the cries and screams of the boys and girls who are being tortured in the ‘exam room’. 

Qoliyan also described an incident that took place last year. She said that a young boy was made to stand at the exit door of the building wearing a flimsy t-shirt when it was freezing cold. He was also blindfolded by the authorities and was pleading to them that he did not beat anyone. Sepide also writes that the prison authorities were making people forcefully confess to crimes they did not even commit. She writes that she shouted at the boy to not give in to the pressure and give a false confession. 

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This description by Sepide Qoliyan is bone-chilling. To be imprisoned for supporting the right cause is tyranny and subjecting people to this level of brutality is just cruel. 

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