Bengaluru Metro Guard Suspended Over Touching His Private Parts, While Staring At A Woman. What Is Wrong With Men?

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Bengaluru Metro Guard Suspended Over Touching His Private Parts, While Staring At A Woman. What Is Wrong With Men?

This is the second case in just a span of two days, where a man has created a public outrage with his obscene actions. This time the incident took place in the Bengaluru metro, where the security guard was caught touching himself inappropriately while continuously staring at a woman passenger, who was standing on the opposite side of the station platform. The incident took place on a platform of the Jalahalli metro station in Bengaluru, where a woman who was standing on the opposite platform, saw the metro security guard who kept on touching his genitals while continuously staring at her. The woman filed an official complaint against the security guard with the Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation.

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The woman reported that the security guard was continuously staring at her (and) simultaneously making some gestures like keeping his hands on his private parts from the opposite side of the platform in her complaint to the metro administration. The woman claimed that because the incident happened at roughly 2:30 pm in broad daylight, it made her feel so uncomfortable. She further revealed that she even attempted to approach him, but he persisted in looking at her and gesturing. But as soon as she started making a video of him he turned away. She felt unsafe after the incident and begged the authorities to act. But upon seeing that no action was taken the woman filed a second complaint, stating that she was curious as to if any action was being done when the metro authority failed to reply. Her complaint read, “It is unsafe for any woman out there, especially during nighttime. She also mentioned taking some quick action, otherwise they would have to seek help from the police.

In the latest update on the situation, the Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation has placed the security guard under suspension with a pending detailed investigation. They also mentioned that any action which hampers the safety and security of women passengers in the Bengaluru metro has zero-tolerance policies.

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