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Women On Reddit Reveal The Most Toxic Ideas They Had About Love When They Were Younger. We’re Older And Wiser Now!

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I sometimes look back at my younger self and think about how far I have come. Not in terms of age or achievements but mainly in terms of my worldview and mentality. While I am still am a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, I will admit that I am also very practical in the way I see relationships now. I feel that I used to have this weird idealistic perspective of what relationships look like. Moreover, having grown up surrounded by people in unhappy marriages and toxic relationships, my overall ideals, when it came to relationships (romantic and otherwise), were pretty messed up, and still are a little. However, I have grown enough to see everything that is wrong with my point of view and am working on it. I used to think I am the only one with this toxic perspective until I read this thread on Reddit where user u/burstthebubble asked, “What were the most toxic ideas you had about love when you were younger?” and the answers were oddly comforting.

I bring you are my personal favourites:

OMFG these hit home for me!

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Misogyny within relationships will inevitably lead to toxic relationships,

Movies and pop culture promoting toxic relationships since FOREVER!

When I say that these are answers are oddly comforting, I don’t mean it in a weird sadistic kinda way. I am an only child who grew up with a lot of conflicts around me. So I am very used to thinking as if I am alone and Reddit threads like these remind me that I am not. While toxic relationships are usually associated with romantic relationships, it is important to remember that anyone can be toxic to you, and it is important to identify this and do what is right for you.

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