Why Is Masturbation Important Part Of Self-Care? 7 Reasons To Add It To Your Routine!

It's self-love, ladies!

We all have a moment late at night when we slip our hands into the sheets and touch our core till heat pools between our legs and pleasure courses through our bodies till we reach climax. But thanks to social taboos, masturbation isn’t something that all of us indulge in. Despite all that talk of self-care and self-love, not all of us take a moment every now and then to pleasure ourselves. But what if I told you that masturbation is an important part of self-care and you need to add it to your everyday routine? Well, it is! Here are some reasons why masturbation is essential for self-care and self-love.

1. It’s Literal Self-Love

Romance and sex are considered to be part and parcel of our love lives but why is it not important for self-love? So, someone else pleasuring you to climax is about making love but making love to yourself by masturbating is not? What double standards ya! Understand that just like we eat food when we’re hungry and set a reminder to hydrate, we must also remind ourselves to get some sexy pleasure time in to satisfy our sexual desires (even if you do have a special someone to do it for you)!

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2. It Helps You Explore Your Body!

How do you plan to figure out your sweet spots and explore your sexuality if you don’t take the time to explore your own body by masturbating? Solo sex can help you find positions that are best for you to orgasm. It also helps you learn more about your body and what does and doesn’t work for you.

3. It Builds Confidence

Being sexually empowered helps you feel more sexy and confident. So, the next time someone fails to find your sweet spot, not only can you guide them to it, you can also help them explore your body to ensure maximum pleasure and satisfaction. Knowing your sexuality makes you feel more confident about your own body and makes you love yourself.

4. It Relieves Stress

Masturbation is just the pick-me-up we all need on a low day. Reason? Solo sex releases happy hormones like dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin which can help your mind and body relax and make you feel happy by improving your overall mood.

5. It Improves Sleep

When Masturbation leads to the production of happy hormones, it helps our mind and body relax including our muscles. Plus it’s a good way to burn a few calories as your body produces prolactin which in turn induces good sleep.

6. It’s Good For Overall Health

As per researchers, masturbation is known to improve heart health, cognitive function and even the immune system. It is believed that a solo session can lead to the production of hormones that are associated with better memory, concentration as well as learning. It tones the muscles in the pelvic region. It also improves blood circulation which is good for our heart health as well as for the skin.

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7. It Quiets The Noise In Our Heads

There’s no better way to stop overthinking and relax than spend some time reading good erotica or browsing through audio and video porn followed by a good solo sex session. This will quiet down all the noise and thoughts in your head and help you focus on yourself and your body.

It’s pleasure time, ladies!

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