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Virat Kohli Opened Up About Anushka Sharma’s Pregnancy And How Excited They Are. We Are So Involved In Their Story

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While this pandemic has been very annoying for most of us, some of us were able to find our silver linings in the comfort of our home. Here I am, single AF while writing this story, sitting alone in my room and bingeing on some chai and murukku, some people are spending quality time with their partners. You see stories of people who could go back to their native cities. Some people have gone back to their hilly towns where rivers flow and there’s greenery everywhere. How often do you get a chance to slow down? Couples who have been busy in their careers with little to no work-life balance have finally found the time to see each other more. I’d like to believe most of them are happy about this. Power couple and soon-to-be parents Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are one of them.

The duo recently took to social media to announce Anushka’s pregnancy and somehow we’ve all been incredibly excited about that. Like 2021 finally seems to be bringing some hope and I don’t care, if tomorrow my best friend’s neighbour’s dog finds himself a mate, I will be happy about that too. Of course, the fact that Virushka has been India’s favourite couple could be the reason for our joy. Mix that with our desperation for good news, in any form, wherever we can find it, makes this a double bonanza!

Virat Kohli opened up about this new journey in their life and it’s really the sweetest thing ever. “It is an incredible feeling. It puts things into perspective for you. It is difficult to describe how you feel, but when we found it, we were over the moon. The kind of love that was showered on us when we announced it was amazing. People were genuinely so emotional and happy for us. We are looking forward to the third member joining the clan,” he said.

While their careers require them to be in different parts of the world, lockdown has brought them under the same roof probably for such a long duration for the first time. Virat opened up about how they made the most of it… *coughs* we can see that! He said in an interview, “We never got so much time to spend together ever since we started seeing each other. This is the longest we got to spend together. To be home with the one you love, you couldn’t ask for anything better and we just made the most of that whole time and created a routine for ourselves. We didn’t pressurise ourselves on learning this or that. It was tough initially, but we got used to it.”

Their Instagram gives us glimpses into their life together and it is so beautiful. From just snuggling to playing Ludo – the couple makes me wish I was married right now. Well, the only love I am getting during this pandemic is coming from my cats, or from my friend-colleague, Sama who makes sure she drops in love you’s and miss you’s time to time. Thank God for that!

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I may be overstepping my limit here but I feel these two are going to be amazing parents. They will raise the child in an empowered environment, normalizing equality. Also, who else feels Anushka will be a kickass, strict mom? Oh, the kid is going to have such beautiful skin and hair. And it will get to travel so much and be raised by celebrity parents that are wonderfully down to earth. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Virat is currently out and about leading his team Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League which will begin soon!

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