The Man Behind Episode 2: He Left His Job To Look After His Wife During Her Complicated Pregnancy. In Sickness And In Health!

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The Man Behind Episode 2: He Left His Job To Look After His Wife During Her Complicated Pregnancy. In Sickness And In Health!

It is always said that pregnancy is the best thing that could happen to a couple. Nothing matches the joy of knowing that two people will be parents to a new life, right? But pregnancy is not a smooth ride for everyone. While some couples do not experience any hiccups during this beautiful journey, some others face serious setbacks during their pregnancy. One such couple is Keertthi and Chetan. When the couple was pregnant with their first child, they were naturally excited about it but destiny had some other plans for them. They had a miscarriage and this news hit them severely. 

With each other’s support, they got over this traumatic experience. Within some time, they received another good news: Keertthi was pregnant again. Keertthi and Chetan were scared and hoped things go smoothly this time. But it looks like fate wanted to test them this time again. Keertthi began experiencing cramps and Chetan rushed her to the hospital. Here’s when the doctor informed them that their baby had changed its position in the womb and that is what led to the bleeding. 

After preliminary tests and sonography, the doctor assured them that everything is fine and now Keertthi has to be on complete bed rest for two weeks. Here’s when Chetan decided that he will devote his time to taking care of Keertthi and their baby. So, he left his job immediately! Keertthi said, “He didn’t even ask me and made the decision by himself.”

Chetan also said, “I had some savings which would be enough or I would take up freelancing work but I cannot leave during this stage.” Keertthi also talked about how she did not inform her parents about this either. She said that her parents would panic at Chetan not having a job when another life on was its way. But Chetan was confident and had very clear thoughts that he had to be there for his wife. 

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Such stories prove that true love exists. It is not always about men making grand gestures and proving their love with expensive things that matter. In fact, it is about how they prioritise their family and be there for them by making huge sacrifices that show how much they love their wives! 

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