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Women Reveal What They Love About A Long-Term Relationship And We’re Feeling All Mushy Inside

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The last wedding I attended was my cousin’s wedding. The vibe of the wedding was something totally different. I understood what people mean when they say ‘love is in the air’. My sister and her now-husband had been together for a decade when they got married and yet the love, adoration, between them was oh-so-evident. When I last met her, we were going through her wedding album and I asked her how she felt about being in a relationship with the same man for over 11 years. Her answer was that whenever she looked at him, she was in love all over again. Too cheesy, isn’t it? But I saw the honesty in that statement in her eyes and I didn’t have any more questions after that. In fact, I felt the same vibes that I felt from her when a Reddit user asked women what surprised them about being in a long-term relationship, and trust me, you’ll feel the love.

A Redditor, u/Competitive-Cry1989, took to Reddit to ask women what surprised them about being in a long-term relationship and the answers were beyond mushy. The answers were so real, adorable, and filled with love. 

What surprised you about being in a long term relationship? from AskWomen

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In fact, I love the answers by women on this Reddit question so much that I compiled a list of my favourite answers. Here are some of the answers by women revealing what surprised them about being in a long-term relationship:

Love is a beautiful thing and experiencing it with someone over the years makes you realise how much more beautiful it can get. In today’s times, where marriages and relationships are breaking apart, these Reddit answers definitely evoke hope. Let us hope we all find somebody to love this new year!

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