7 Reasons Why You Don’t Need An Explanation To Leave A Bad Date

No reason to feel guilty, ladies!
7 Reasons Why You Don’t Need An Explanation To Leave A Bad Date

Have you ever been stuck on a cringe-worthy date that’s going south for you but you don’t know how to leave? Happens to the best of us, ladies! But here; ‘s the thing, at times like this you keep on trying to look for an excuse you to let down your date slowly and steadily. Doesn’t work out the best and you are stuck for hours trying to wait for the miserably bad date to end. Well, the truth is, you don’t need a reason to bail. There’s no people-pleasing here. So here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty about walking out on that bad date!


1. Your Time Is Precious

Ladies, life is too short to waste your time on bad dates! Wouldn’t you rather do something more enjoyable and fulfilling than be stuck in a five-hour-long date that isn’t going anywhere?


2. Trust Your Gut

Listen to your gut, it hardly ever lies ladies! If your gut is giving you signs that something is just off about your date, Don’t ignore these warning signs just because you feel that you’re obligated to stick around.


3. Self-Care Comes First

Your mental and emotional health is much more important than some stupid date and that should definitely be your first priority. If staying on a bad date is the reason you are stressed or uncomfortable, it’s okay to just leave. No explanation is needed!


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4. No Need For Excuses, No Guilt Trips

Ladies, you do not owe anyone an explanation for why you are leaving. Go back and read that again. Just thank them for their time and make your exit.

5. Honesty Is Refreshing

Being honest about how you feel about your date is always the best way to do things, It’s always better to just be upfront and tell them that you don’t feel the connection rather than leaving them hanging!

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6. Learn To Set Boundaries

Walking out on a bad date that is making you feel stressed and uncomfortable is the perfect way to set boundaries not just for the person with you but also for yourself. It’s a power move to show that you won’t tolerate being treated poorly.

7. It’s Empowering

Trust me on this one girls, taking control of your own happiness is super empowering. It makes you feel like you have the power to make your own decisions without anyone else’s say in it!

And there is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about something that is not in your control and you don’t need reasons to leave a bad date. We are better than that and we value ourselves and our time way too much to stick around a bad date, isn’t it? So the next time you feel like you are trapped in a bad date, remember these reasons and don’t be afraid to leave whenever you want to.

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