7 Signs You Can’t Save The Bad Date You’re On And It’s Time To Leave The Scene!

Boy-bye time!
7 Signs You Can’t Save The Bad Date You’re On And It’s Time To Leave The Scene!

Figuring out your way through the choppy waters of the dating world can sometimes feel like riding a car blindfold. One moment you’d be enjoying the ride and the next, you’re wondering how fast you can take the next exit. We’ve all been there, and trust me bad dates are bound to make you learn a lot of lessons that you wouldn’t otherwise. And we all know when a not-so-great date is about to go oh-so-bad, don’t we? If not, here are a few signs that your not-so-great date is about to get much worse. It’s a crash course on signs you can’t save the bad date and when to leave the scene!


1. The Silent Treatment

If your date’s responses are limited to a single word, it’s a sign they have already left the scene. We don’t do one-word replies ladies! Communication is key in any relationship, and if they’re not even trying, it’s time to dip.


2. Phone Obsession

When their attention is glued to their phone rather than on you, it’s definitely a huge red flag. We know that emergencies happen, but if they’re more invested in scrolling than chatting, they’re not fully present.

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3. Ranting Session

We appreciate ranting sessions but not on the first date! If your date is constantly complaining about the weather or the food, it can just be a big turn-off right away. oo much ranting unnecessarily can be a big mood killer.

4. Clock Watcher

They are glancing at the clock every few minutes? Either you get up and leave or ask them to because why waste time at all sitting in front of each other and waiting for the date to get over? Time to leave!


5. The Silence Savior

Are your conversations drying up faster than a puddle in the desert? Persistent awkward silences may signal a lack of connection or shared interests.

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6. Ex Files

Bringing up exes within the first hour? That’s a major no-no. Talking about past relationships too early in the conversation can indicate unresolved emotional baggage.

7. The Bill Blunder

When the bill arrives and they conveniently forget their wallet, it’s a sign they may not be willing to invest equally in the relationship. We love to split the bill on our dates ladies, but the enthusiasm to pay the bill from the person in front of you can say a lot.

In the world of dating, these are a few signs you can’t save a bad date. If you see any of these, it’s time you send your BFFs an SOS text message asking them to help you get out of the scene. Trust me, you anyway don’t owe your date any explanation. Just remember, bad dates will come and go but there’s plenty of fish in the sea!

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